Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, school is here again. LOL

The boys and I started Tues/Thur school last week - it is going well. I am teaching 3's this year. Bug is in the Pre-K room with Ms. Erika and Little Bubba is in the 2's room with Ms. Betty and Ms. Terri.

My class is called the Ladybugs and I have to say that I have the class of the year. They are so good and so calm and just a great group of kids. They work well, listen most of the time and NAP so well!!!!! I love it! I have a couple that try my patience from time to time, but I have noticed that they are getting better and it has only been 3 days. Woo-Hoo. I suppose the Lord decided I needed a break for a while. LOL.

The boys and I started Homeschool coop this week (just one day a week). Bug is in the PreK class with Ms. Linda and I help out in there. Kaden goes into the nursery this year, next year he will be able to attend classes. We had great fun this week. They do a circle time with the calendar, counting, etc. and we do a letter of the week and are making a letter book. We are also studying cultures - Egypt right now and do art. The kids made Egyptian jewelry this week. How cool!

Our homeschooling has started as well. We have been doing a little here and there over the summer, but with all the craziness - we didn't accomplish much. The boys and I worked hard this morning and they did well. I am working on the Kindergarten skills with Bug and little bubba is tagging along. I am able to get him to work on his own works as well and he is fine tuning some vocabulary, colors, shapes, etc. Not that he needs more words...goodness that boy has plenty on his own. LOL

Well we are planning for Bug's birthday next week - can you believe it - the big 5 already here. LOL We will be going to the beach to celebrate - how fun! We are also planning a "friend" party at the park here in Waxahachie. With cake and a pinata...that will be fun!

I submitted my last math task today - I am hoping I got it this time! Pray for a passing score! LOL If so I am finished with Math - hopefully forever! I have began working on one of my teaching courses - Schools and Society, but am not officially enrolled just yet.

Well, all for now...

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