Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well here I am again...lol...can you believe it's already mid December...where did it go? LOL...well the boys and I are enjoying a snowy day today at home...the roads were icy so First Steps MDO is closed for the day. It has been snowing most of the day, very lightly and there is a light covering of snow on the ground. It is very very cold!!! We all slept late and enjoyed some cartoons this morning. Thank goodness for footy pajamas and heat! LOL. After breakfast we started school which went very well! Woo-Hoo! Kaden didn't give me much of a hard time today...thank goodness. LOL.

Speaking of Kaden, he turned the big 3 on Friday! Happy Birthday Brutus! He got cowboy boots for his birthday! Which he has been wearing everyday since. We went for his three year old checkup - which went so well - he is perfect and NO SHOTS!!! He wore his Davy vest, bandanna, coon skin cap and his boots of course. It was great.

Afterward we went to check on Aunt Shirley and make sure she was surviving the cold and then dropped off some presents at Granny's nursing home for their Christmas party on Thursday. We are hoping to go to the party Thursday evening. They are having a residents Christmas party that evening and they have put together a residents choir. The boys are excited to sing with them!!! :)

Well I just got off the phone with Jerry Wayne and it looks as if the annual Frazier family reunion will be at Fort Parker again next June. That is always eventful and fun! :)

School for me is trucking along, I am working on a research paper right now...ugh. I haven't done a research paper in way too many years...lol. It is the last assignment for my diversity and inclusion class. Pray for me to get it all together! My classroom management class is going well, I still have a few assignments to finish up, but they are video assignments and I generally have to go into town because our slooooowwww dialup doesn't stream the video fast enough. Yuck.

Big news today....my friend Amanda had a baby girl this morning...7 lbs 4 oz....Ashlyn is her name. How sweet...our Lord is so good to us. Nathaniel is a big brother now!!!!

Well...stay warm and in the Lord...we-

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