Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well what a day! Our director at First Steps came down with the stomach virus that is going around, so she was home sick today. But school went really well! I have to say my Ladybugs are truly the best class. They are so mild mannered and good kids. Our class motto is "When you listen you learn" and they are really learning!!! :) On the way home I had a blow out in the truck. Yeah! I was just down the road from our house - thank goodness. A neighbor helped me to change it because I had no idea how to make the spare come down. LOL!

We have tadpoles...we got them from Brian's dads house. I have been changing out water every other day for over a week now and I am done with that! LOL I went and picked up a filter at wal-mart and cleared up that problem. I had to put them in a bigger tub, but they are looking great! We also have a preying mantis now - Kutter and I caught it this afternoon. It is in a gallon jar with a branch and some spiders and bugs we caught. We are becoming a regular zoo!

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