Monday, August 27, 2012

Rising Star Academy Week 2

Well we made it through week two!  Whew!  We are slowly getting into a good routine I do believe.  I am so thankful for routines.  They just make everything so much more enjoyable.  We accomplished quite a bit this last week and I am so excited about that.  We haven't added all the subjects into our schedule yet, simply because I find it best to start slow and add in.  That way the boys and I don't feel overwhelmed. I find this helps our days be more enjoyable.  We will be adding in science this next week, then Texas History a few weeks later, then artist study, and poetry study.  The boys having been working so hard and I am so proud of them!

Here are some highlights from this last week.

We started our week by saying our memory verse Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.  :)  We also worked through a couple more lessons in our stick figuring curriculum.

Bug completed Lessons 11-15 and Quiz 2 for Teaching Textbooks math.  He also took a 0-3's times tables quiz and did very well!  He scored 100 % in under 5 minutes on his addition fact tests as well!  

Meals On Wheels graphs:  Bug graphed whether or not each stop had a screen door and Red graphed hair color.  He was a little disappointed there were no red heads.  ;)

 Red worked on his calendar book, which included skip counting, calendar, and number lines.  He also worked on the double addition facts.  He worked on number sentences and practiced writing number sentences.  I introduced subtraction number sentences and we practiced a few of those as well.  Later in the week we worked with the pattern blocks - which is a favorite of Red's!  We also did an activity with light and heavy using the balance.  

Doubles Facts

Addition Number Sentences

Language Arts:
Bug continued his daily activities (daily grams, explode the code, word study) and started on Unit 16 in his spelling curriculum.  We also began working on contractions.  I found a fun book at the library for us to read about making contractions.  Then we made some contraction flash cards.  We use these for practicing what words make a contraction and how to spell the contraction.  He also completed another story and workbook pages in his reading book.

Bug's spelling...he loves to write with pens. We are working on "neatness".  :)

Daily Grams

Verb Activity - Pop Goes the Verb!  LOL  Bug wrote sentences about a soda can that had been smashed and trashed during his "life".  The object was to come up with some great high power verbs.  (This is a Hot Fudge Monday's activity.)

Reading with Lucky. Peanut loves his Lu-Luck!  

Red also continued his daily activities (explode the code and word study).  He started Unit 1 in his spelling curriculum.  This is new for him, last year he didn't have "spelling words".  He made a 100% on his first test! Red also began his new reading curriculum this week.  We talked about his new books and completed the first teacher story and he answered questions orally about the story.  Then the next day he read the first story and did the corresponding workbook pages.  In phonics we reviewed the rules and letter sounds.  For journal writing this week Red drew the weather and completed a sentence about it.
Red's Spelling

Field Trip!  We had our first field trip.  I had a co-op planning meeting, so the boys went with me to play with friends.  Physical Education Field Trip - woo hoo!  Love it!

Nature Study:

We ventured out to the trampoline and did some drawing and discussion about what we saw using different "views" around the backyard.  We also read more about Mr. Crab in the Nature Reader 2 book.  We discussed exoskeletons and skeletons.  We were all really intrigued and excited to learn that crabs can regrow a claw if they lose one.  They can also regrow an eyeball - can you imagine!  :)


We finished Draw Write Now book one - drawing the Gingerbread Boy.  We enjoyed talking about the story and even rehashing some gingerbread house adventures from the past few Decembers!  LOL

Literature Study:

We have been reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and discussing what we read at night before bed.  We are excited to hear this original version and plan a movie watching day so we can compare and contrast the two versions!  

Well that is our week...lots accomplished...yeah for us!  Love it!  

Until next time...we-


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