Friday, August 17, 2012

August Happenings...

Kitties, Kitties, Kitties...we love our precious kitties.  They are so funny.   Mama's Kitty brought up a snake - gross! - and we found them in the yard eating it...yuck!
Here is Smokey devouring the snake. 
He was growling at Bug when he tried to take his snake!  LOL 
The Minnie stole the snake and was growling at Tigger!   
Minnie trying to keep her snake from Tigger. 
Cat fight - literally!  LOL  The girls were fighting over the snake! 
It's tug-o-snake! 
Then when we came back outside, we found Lucky had stolen the snake!  Crazy Kitties! 
Look Memaw we are stockpiling golf clubs (in case of shortage) just like Papa!  LOL 
Headed to golf camp!  
Getting together activities of my cutting skills class at co-op! I am so excited - it's gonna be fun! 
Yummy scrummy pizza!  Turkey and turkey die for! 
Red's pizza - no cheese! 
Bug and Daddy's Pizza - with black olives. 
Lucas with his "blanket".    
Lucky holding down the carrier!   
Sweet little Minnie Me! 
Look at this little heathen gray kitty!  Since Daddy is allergic to cat hair, we have to be careful about letting the kitties inside.  We try to make sure the kitties stay out of the bedrooms and just hang out in the living room - that way I can vacuum up all the kitty hair.  Well Mr. Moke-Moke thought the couch was the perfect place to nap!  I removed him and he would wait until I wasn't looking and then he would get back up there - little toot! 
Minnie and Lucas like to sleep inside the kennel. 
We gave them a shirt to sleep on - they were all tired out after a morning of romping and running and crazy kitty antics! 
Lucas - the cuddler - he went and curled right up with Smokey.  Sweet boy! 
There is no fighting in school boys! 
Lucas is my couponing kitty! 
The itty bitties were inside last night and I told the boys to go ahead and put them out so we could get ready for bed...we couldn't find Lucas.  LOL - he was quietly resting under the book table.  LOL
Monday Night Raw came to Dallas and we were there!!!  The boys were so excited!  Although we did agree that it's actually better on tv.  You can't hear the commentators, so there is quite a bit of "dead air" time.  But it was good and they enjoyed seeing it live!  
We didn't tell the boys until we got to the station to meet up with a friend.  I asked the boys to gather up so I could take their picture.  Then I gave them this sign to hold.  They learned where we were going when they read the sign.  It was a total surprise and they were so excited!

What a great month it has been so far.  More to come!  we-

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