Friday, August 17, 2012

June Happenings!

What happened in June...well I am going to just let the pictures do the talking and not be so wordy right now!
2 1/2 months old Lucas at window - "Moooom, can I come in please, look how cute I am, how can you say no!"  LOL

I signed the boys up to use the Time For Learning website this summer, it was a good fill in for some areas we were not concentrating on.  

Check out one of our tomato worms...well he's not a worm any more is he!  Isn't he gorgeous...we decided this was Hermie for sure!
And there is our Lucky - precious black kitty!  Love him!  2 1/2 months here
Red took swimming lessons again this summer.  Much to his dismay I might add, but he got in there and there wasn't any crying (from him anyway) and he got it done!  Go Red!
Red in the pool again!
Hello Hummingbird Moth!
Red has read his first "big book" as he calls it.  Of course it's something to do with cowboys!  LOL
The lavender festival...So fun!  We went to Blanco to help Uncle Mike and the Blanco EMS in their hamburger, sausage wrap booth.  It was H-O-T, but so much fun...we just loved it!  Ms. Tammie hanging the sign for the hand washing station...a cooler, a bottle of ajax and a roll of paper towels...very high tech!

Mr. Iz and his "headband". Did I mention it was incredibly HOT!
The band was right behind our booth - which could go either way on the ears - and the kids had a great time watching them and listening to music.
They also had a blast hula-hooping with new friends...turns out Bug is a great hula-hooper!
Uncle Pickle and Ty grilling the burgers
T and Val chillaxing in the sweltering heat!  
Luck-Luck all dressed up for the pet show at the library.
Being cute is hard work!
Can you see him...Fatty came up on the back porch looking for a snack.  Brave little squirrel, or lazy hound dogs I should say!  
My Bug-a-roni has learned to drive the mower...and loves it, go figure!
Minnie Me trying to kill my plant!
"What, I can't lay here, but I am so tiny and cute!"
Lucky Luck aspires to be the first golfing kitty!
Bug attended horse camp at the flying G over the summer.  He had a ball and was so excited to go each day.  Which was good since he had to get up so early.  He loves to ride horses.  

Well there it is...until next good!  we-

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