Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't you just love rain in July!

Can you believe all the rain we got in July...boy how boy was it AwEsOmE!  I don't remember when Texas last had a wet July like that, but I am so THANKFUL!  I love the rain!

Well here is my July update, short and sweet - mostly pics of what went on and the brood of animals at our house!  LOL
Peanut joined the swim team again this July, he decided to only do July since it was the hottest month...the pool is so big that it tends to be rather cold.   
He of course was like a fish! 
Flip from the diving board. 
B and I started using My fitness Pal on our idevices, so we have been working on eating better and being more wise about the foods that we eat.  Well Friday night is pizza and WWE, but we both decided that Little Caesars pizza, while yummy and scrummy and totally delish, was not a great addition to our calorie intake.   
So we have taken to making our own pizza...for about 1/2 the calories!  We use the great value packaged pizza crust mix and make our own dough, then just use tomato sauce seasoned with oregano and add our toppings!  We also use ground turkey because it is a little leaner than beef.  Hubby and Bug like black olives on their pizza, I go for the mushrooms on mine!  We found that by not overdoing the cheese we save A LOT of calories. 
Red of course has the no cheese variety!  He likes just meat and sauce on his pizza.  

You know it's funny because I wondered at first if it would be worth the substitution, but I have to say - Yes it is!  The pizza is SO good and we love being able to stay in on Friday afternoons and not run to LC.  Plus we save a ton of money!  And it's not as fattening!  LOL

Itty Bitty Kitty Update!  Our itty bittys are 3 months old precious and so crazy! 
Minnie Me 
My Smokey and Lucas 
It's a beyblade bonanza!  LOL - Bug used some of his saving money to buy himself another beyblade.  Him and Daddy have been battling like crazy!  LOL 
Can you see our crazy Sadie down there?  She is so funny, she loves to chase anything throw or hurled - here it is golf balls.  She likes to chase them as I hit.  It is so funny, she barks at them if they go through the fence and she can't get to them!  LOL - crazy hound! 
Tigger again 
There is my Smokey - I love gray kitties! 
There's Mama's Kitty...sweet girl 
Lucky - "What, I didn't do it!"   
Lucas and Tigger again 
Sadie girl likes to cool off in the pool after her workout (chasing golf balls) 
Don't worry Mom, I can easily stink up my belly again, it's okay!  LOL 
Mom, are you in there, it's your Moke-Moke, open the door please! 
Lucas says - I see you in there! 

GROSS!  Hubby went to move the door stop (cat) from our door and look what was curled up on it!  AUGH!  This was the first of 4 that we found in the house!  Yuck!  I went around spraying and spraying and then read an article about how we live in the prime scorpion location and they aren't killed by normal bug spray!  UGH! 
This plant is in my way, but I am dealing with it! 
One afternoon while out in the backyard, scamp had dumped his bowl (go figure, crazy hound) and Smokey came right through the fence to check out his yummies. 
Then he swatted Scamp with his paw and scamp left him to eat!  HA!  
Can you see her ears perked up...she cracks me up...there was a bee in the water bowl and she wouldn't stand for it.  She catches them and eats them! 
There she goes, pouncing on it!  
Red finally lost a tooth!  Precious boy...he was so afraid it was going to bleed, that he wouldn't wiggle it.  He literally waited until it just fell out, right onto the floor.  LOL  His brother kept trying to wiggle it for him! 
The tooth fairy brought him some new Indians to go with this cowboys.  He was so excited!

Well look at that...there it is!  Woo-Hoo!  Until next time, we-

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