Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well what a busy Saturday it has been around here! Hubby has been resting and relaxing and the boys have had a ball playing outdoor with Austin and I have been cleaning, washing and cooking! Whew...I am a bit tired this evening...but it's been good! :)

I got up this morning thinking we may get some surprise company so I took the time to clean the front bathroom...just in case! Plus I go the floors swept/vacuumed. Go me!

Does your laundry seem to grow? Mine does...some days I look and think wasn't that smaller a few hours ago? LOL - I think it sneaks fertilizer or something. I can't seem to keep up! But today I felt blessed that it was clean and dry and I was able to get it folded...and eventually to the right rooms. LOL

My favorite piece of cleaning equipment...which obviously needs to be wiped off - gosh how embarrassing! LOL I love my seems to clean my floors so much better than I did before I got it. This was one of those prize auctions finds that Hubby and I got while at an auction with Mimi Net and Papa J a few years ago. Boy oh boy was I excited when I saw it in the estate for auction. The really cool thing about it (besides that I got it for a steal) was that it came with all the gadgets and goodies! Oh how I love thee my sweet rainbow!!!!

See the laundry is multiplying! It's hanging from the rafters! LOL

I am a huge advocate of the clothesline and I use mine A LOT! But here lately the 115 degree days have kept me from going out there. Some days I make myself, but more often than not the living room rafter and the shower rods become my clothesline. Oh I long for the cooler days...

Here is another of my favorite contraptions...the drying rack...I love this thing, I load it up and sit it on the front porch! Yeah!

So the cooking fiasco continued

I put on a book on tape - No Distance to Far by Lauraine Snelling and set to work! It was a day filled with dish washing, prep and cooking!

I put the rest of the taco soup in bags and vacuum-sealed them with the food saver! Yeah - I got two bags out of it! Woo-Hoo!

Another good recipe I found is called "Poverty Meal", but I don't like this name a whole lot so I am calling it Beef and Macaroni bake. Sounds better right? LOL It was really yummy! I doubled the recipe and got two big bags as well as Hubby's lunch for tomorrow out of it! Awesome!

I was cooking away, enjoying a good book and Hubby ventures into the kitchen. His words "You are just in your own little world aren't you?" LOL He walks to the kitchen where I am browning beef and sausage for the pizza pockets and omelets. I also had a pot of water heating to make the omelets. It was quite a sight for my stove let me tell ya! He tells me "I'm gonna get the video camera"...haha, Honey! ;)

I put together some more tacos as well. These are one of our favorite things so far...everyone loves these! I baked some turkey bacon in the oven and scrambled it with some eggs and rolled up some tacos! Yum! After a flash freeze I popped these into a freezer bag for later munching!

Have you ever thought about freezing cooked rice? I haven't - but I read about it on a blog and thought to myself - duh! I love those instant rice bags by Uncle Ben's - you know the ones that are orange and you microwave them for 90 seconds...they come in all sorts or flavors, but I usually just get the brown rice one. I love them because I can just pop them in the micro and wah-lah instant side! Well if you've priced them lately they can be a little expensive. I got a bunch a few months ago for $.50 with an ad match and a coupon. Great Deal! But they are almost sad!

It's super easy too...just follow the package directions then put in a freezer bag, squeeze out the air, cool and freeze! Yeah! I made a couple of bags of plain white rice and then used some in the rice-a-roni dish I made for dinner.

I also made a batch using chicken bouillon in my water...yum! I divided it up according to what I would use in a typical dish.

Here's my pizza pockets. I plan to make some more of these, but I finally had to stop tonight and go take a shower. I had a roll of pre-made pastry in the freezer so I defrosted it and made some pockets using it. I also had some puff pastry in the freezer so I decided to try some using that too. I am very excited about these. I made some cheese free for Red.

Here is the second batch I made...they are laid out weird because I made some with cheese and some without for my Red.

Have you ever heard of Baggie Omelets? I found this on a kids cooking site and thought it looked interesting! Bug is a big egg eater and always asking me to make him eggs for breakfast. I thought this would be a great easy way to satisfy that need and make it a little fun as well!

I did four to start - using eggs, bacon, sausage and a little salt/pepper.

Here they are after I just pulled them out! Looking good!

And here they are ready for the freezer! I can't wait to spring this one on my Bug!

Well that is my was a good one that is for sure! I am off to bed to read a while.

Until next to all! we-


Angela said...

I'm in awe!!!! You are terrific, chicky! Of course, you do know that I am going to pick your brain like crazy about these recipes, right? Just wanted you to be prepared...:) Tom is laying in the bed right this moment laughing his butt off at me cause I'm wigging over all the cooking you've done and how behind I am! LOL!!

Mama Darling said...

Angela shared your blog with me and I am SO impressed! You have inspired me to do some freezer cooking myself using some of your recipes! I am going to be forced to clean out my freezer just to make room for all the new goodies :) Keep sharing. My family thanks you!