Sunday, August 07, 2011

What a busy weekend we had around here! LOL

Thursday afternoon the boys and I were outside braving the sweltering 110 degree (at 7pm) heat. Sadie decided to show off her rocking climbing technique. What a nut. Red and I were poop scooping over by the fort (boy are those pups pooping machines!) and I hear a loud clatter behind me. When I turn there is Ms. Sadie Girl on the rock wall pretty as can be. It was funny. So Bug runs for the camera. After a quick photo opp I lift her down to the ground. Well apparently that just didn't work for her because she scrambled right back up and proceeded to slip and fall right back down. Crazy Nut!

Look at me Mom!

This is where she slips and tumbles down. Apparently those short little legs are not meant for plastic rock walls.

Friday we had our weekly coupon play date at Angela Perry's house. What a gracious host to open her home to all of us crazy coupon/canning ladies plus several hubbies and tons of kids! I mean it seems the kids multiplied as they walked in the door cause gosh there was a lot of them! LOL Thank goodness for the pool - I know Bug had an absolute ball playing with friends in the water. I think the Dad's had a good time yakking as well.

I know us ladies had a ball in the kitchen with our Master Organizer Kellie! She had us scheduled and planned to beat the boot and we were like a well oiled machine in there! Loved it!

Here's our green beans and potatoes waiting to go into the pressure canner!

Here's the master planner Kellie - this was her favorite spot I think...we had to chase her away a couple of times. hehe!

Beth and Ouida worked hard at the prep station (yes we had stations - we were that good!) putting together the ingredients for each batch of jam, salsa, etc.

Angela at the sink...boy did it get a work out!

Brenda is waiting for the jam to come off the stove!

Wendy was the designated Wal-Mart gal and the Pizza pick-up person...let me tell ya she was a fav that day! LOL

Kellie stir stir stirring!

Angela and Dena yakking during our "lunch break"...which basically meant the canners were going and the jam was cooking.

Ouida and Wendy and Kellie checking to see if the jam is ready! Yum!

Oh my goodness, Tom had to get his own pizza! LOL - I think he got tired of waiting around!

Kimberly braved the job of chopping and de-ribbing and seeding six pounds of jalapenos for the jalapeno jelly! Oh don't breathe!

Sarah and Ouida cleaning the jars and putting on lids and rings - Apple Jelly ready for the canner! Woo-Hoo!

Beth getting the blueberry jelly ready to cook! Yum!

Dena watching Brenda and Kimberly with the jalapenos!

Dena is a hoot! She just cracked me up! She praised us and all of our efforts the entire time we were canning...she was our encourager for sure!

Here's the apple Jelly and some of the potatoes/green beans just out of the canner...soooo pretty!

Kellie and Angela stirring the pot!

This is one of those fun little break times when the next few batches were ready...the jam was cooking, the canners were going and we just chatted for a few minutes. This is what it's all about...great fellowship with good friends...I am so very blessed!

Shiny Clean Hot Jars ready for the bounty!

Here you can see the jalapeno jelly on the left (ready for the canner) and the strawberry jam on the right (just out of the canner).

Here you can see the pressure canner and the water bath canner both going and the pot of (most coveted) raspberry jam cooking on the stove!

Another one of those chatter moments between duties!

Here is a pic of the canning ladies (minus Dena who was taking the pic and Wendy H. who had to leave a bit early).

Left to Right:
Sarah, Brenda, Kellie, Beth, Kimberly, Ouida, Wendy (me) and Angela

Here we are filling jars, cleaning rims, lidding and ringing!

Angela making Watermelon jelly! Yum!!!!

Brenda and Sara are cracking up about something...I don't remember what, there was so much laughter!

Here is another picture of our bounty...and boy this doesn't do it justice. This is a very small amount of what we actually completed! 10 recipes and over 150 jars! Woo-Hoo! What a blessing! I am so very blessed by our home school co-op and this precious group of ladies (and dad's and kids) that I am able to call my friends.

Saturday Hubby decided to stain and hang the screen door (you know the one we bought last summer and never got up) hahaha! Anyway, I love that I can laugh at our antics! We do not claim to be proficient or well structured, we just love and learn! LOL Anyway, this is what it's like to caulk the door frame with Tornado Scamp in the back yard. Crazy nut ended up with caulk on his ear! What a hound...I love this guy!

Here's a funny, although I don't have a picture for will just have to visualize. While Hubby was dealing with the screen door I decided to tackle the mess in the school room. Little did I know when I decided we would take a month of vacation to organize, prep and ready our lives, rooms and selves for the new school year that it would take us less than one week to total pile up the school room. Oh my the junk I found in there! But I got it all sorted and piled and chunked as needed. LOL It's a long way from done, but I did get a good start and you can actually see the floor now. LOL. Anyway back to the funny...while in there Red came to me and wanted to watch tv...I said No, I think you need to find something else to do for a bit. (I mean granted it's 1000 degrees outside, and there is only so much to do inside before you go stir crazy, but still sitting in front of the tube all day doesn't sound worthy). So after a bit of debate I said "If you don't find something to do I will find something for you and you won't like it." (I know I know...My Mom coming out 101!) LOL So I turn back to my piles and get back to work. Well I am oblivious to the fact that my Red had plopped his booty on the floor in the hallway...guess he thought he'd just wait me out! Well about 20 minutes later Bug comes to the door and peers over the mountain of "stuff that belongs elsewhere" and says Mom did you tell Red he had to sit in the hallway. Hurumphing to myself and rolling my eyes I said No, I told him to find something to do. At this point Bug is snickering and says Okay, well you gotta see this. So I pick my way precariously out of the room to find a baby Red, on his side nose to the wall, thumb in mouth, knees tucked close, I suppose he showed me! LOL What a kid!

Okay that is all for now...I suppose I should go rustle up some dinner before the boys come in starving! Until next one another as Jesus has loved on you!


Suanna said...

FUN! I'd love to have a canning party like that. Did you guys grow everything, too?

Angela said...

omgoodness, Wendy!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for posting these pics...what a precious treat for me to see them. I had so much fun that day with all of you. Aren't we blessed beyond measure, friend? Love you!