Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I am sitting here in the schoolroom, working on the laptop (cold shoulder to the pc - wondering why I keep that pain-in-the-rear thing around - oh yeah - it's the one the scanner works on) anywayz, working at my new 5 foot school table...yeah.

Although it's not set up in the place I want it yet. Currently a pile of sorted school supplies is laid out on the floor there -that's where I did the sorting.

Okay so I have this swag code checker thing and it just pops up and says there is a swag code...fibber! Okay I had to come back and apologize - apparently the checker is faster than the swag code spoiler, because a few minutes later it came up. So yeah...5 more swagbucks...saving up for another gift card! :)

Okay so back to my rambling...Where was I? Oh yeah...the schoolroom.

The school room has been a work in progress of sorts for months now. We decided back in January to convert the boys room to the school room and the playroom to the boys room. Well using various items I found in the garage and a few purchased items I set up the classroom and while it worked okay and I love some aspects (my huge whiteboard) other aspects just didn't work so good (three desks). So I decided to step into the makeover business again and try to improve on the room.

I wrestled the big corner desk out yesterday...gonna list that thing on freecycle. I am afraid if I put it in the garage I will be tempted to use it again. LOL - I am a nut I's just to big for my small room.

I used the smaller desk for the PC - I figure with less desktop space I won't be able to pile so much stuff on it. LOL We'll see how that goes I guess.

I have a small white board posted there as well as a bulletin board on the other side.

I think I want to get some butcher paper to decorate my board...make it more "pretty" you know? Wonder where I can buy a piece of butcher paper? Any ideas?

I am thinking about putting up a "bulletin board" on another wall as well...better look into getting paper I guess.

I found the "workbox" system several weeks ago while browsing around the net. I read several blogs of families using the system as well as various ways they set their own system up, used it, etc. I really like the concept behind it. I think it's a great set up and the intent (to help keep everyone accountable) is awesome. I just admit it now, I am terribly inconsistent. I start on a system or schedule and then lose interest in it easily. Poo on me I know, but I hope this set up will help me stay on track better. We'll see I suppose. Since we do have limited space in our classroom I decided that two shoe racks with 12

boxes each was just two space consuming. So I devised a different system for us. Red has a shoe rack with 12 boxes, but for Bug I am going to use a file crate and hanging folders. We were at wal-mart Monday so I let him pick out a brand new one in his favorite color. Thought that would help him to "own" it, ya know? He picked blue of course! :) I figure since he is older and reads on his own and such that the file system would work well for him. Red isn't reading on his own just yet and being five I figured he might need more of the "box". Having a Montessori background I have to say I just love this system. The whole box thing to hold and distribute each "work" assignment is just great! I look forward to starting our year! I guess I had better get the folders in there and the labels on them huh? LOL I found one site where the Mom made a schedule book for her kids (to cut down on her time spent re-sticking number/subject cards). I like it so I am planning to implement that sort of scheduling (with a little tweaking) system. I still have some laminating to do and need to get my schedule sheet and cards done.

While I was in Dallas Monday I went by Lakeshore and got a lot of laminating done. 32 feet! Whew - I am working on some games and such for the boys (great for the workbox system as filler activities and such). I wanted to laminate everything for durability. I left my schedule cards and sheets at home though when I went :( so I still have to get them done. Bug helped me to cut out all the game pieces and such.

That was a job...but it all looks so nice and fun! After cutting everything Bug helped me to sort all the pieces into the various games. I am excited about this. I hope the boys will enjoy having "activities" to play during school time.

Now just to get them all put together! LOL

Bug kept asking me what they were going to be, so I put one together for him to see what his hard work would eventually turn into!

And the inside...this one is one of Bug's games. It is a real or make-believe sorting game.

Okay well I suppose I should stop the get on with my chores...they never seem to end...but I suppose that is how life is meant to be. The boys are headed outside for some sunshine and sweating. A regular subject these days. LOL Until next time my good, pray for rain and here's love to ya'll! ;)

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