Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So Sunday morning we ended up staying home...I had an atrocious headache...where did it come from, I don't know, but I am sure if I would have looked there would have been a sledgehammer
under the bed that someone hit me with. UGH, was it awful. Hubby was not feeling so hot either so we figured we had better just stay put.

Breakfast ended up being Baggie Omelets - Bug thought they were great! I am excited to have these in the freezer for him because he is my egg eater. "Mom, can I have some eggs?" Now I can say sure, how about some bacon to go with that...lol. And even with a terrible headache it's quick and easy and ready to go!

By Sunday afternoon my headache was subsiding and I figured I really needed to get some stuff accomplished. So I set out myself a work area on the rug and set to work on lesson plans, chore charts, to do lists and grocery lists.

I also finally got around to changing over the dressers in our bedroom. We've had this dresser for a while now and let me just say I hate it! I know that is such a strong word, but ugh...it's not a friend of mine! You can probably see why too as it's got tons of junk on it! And the drawers are too small! Oh I could go on and on, but I will stop.

Here is the chest of drawers I converted us too. This is part of my heirloom bedroom set and I have to say I like it much better. It's tall and upright and all the drawers are the same size. So now it's just a matter of getting the big honking dresser OUT of the bedroom...hmmmm..."Honey, where's the dolly?" LOL

Oh my what to do with all this! LOL - the big chest of drawers is where I stored my scrap booking stuff - which I recently sorted and converted to another space...except for the pile of stuff that I actually need to get into the scrapbook! LOL - perhaps I had better schedule some time on the calendar...lol.

I spent some time working on our class for ECCHO. We had several new students sign up...we are gonna have a big class, but I think it will be great! I need to get the compasses ordered...

As for the cooking fiasco...I have encountered a new love...baking Puppy Treats. LOL - perhaps because my puppies love them.

I made them some Peanut Butter Cookies - they devoured the samples and literally begged for more! LOL

Here is the peanut butter (dog) cookies ready for the oven.

Lady Bug got the first peanut butter (dog) cookie from the oven. She took it from my hand and put it down then stood growling softly at Scamp and Sadie as they waited for theirs. Guess she didn't want to share! I had to get on her about being ugly to her siblings. ;)

Scamper Pamper was more than happy to get his peanut butter puppy treat!

And Sadie girl...she loved the cookies the most I do think! She went over to Scamp after devouring hers and waited until he was done so she could sweep for crumbs! LOL Silly Girl!

Here is the pile of peanut butter (dog) treats! Don't they look yummy!

for my Pups. I rolled this dough and made football players, apples, hearts and cowboys hats. I think they like a little variety. LOL

I also got Bug's chore chart put together...gotta get these on the wall so we can get back on track with our "chores"!

So today was swim team practice again. Bug is having so much fun, but he is freezing during practice! LOL - I just can't imagine that since it's about 110 or more every time we are there for practice. While I sit by the pool watching with sweat rolling down my back...he is shivering. What?!?!?!?! I ordered his competitive swim suit and hope it gets here soon! I got him the one that has the shirt/shorts attached...it's supposed to be warmer. Hope it works! Here is Bug working on his kicks!

This evening I got my laminated workbox cards all cut out. Then sorted...oh my goodness are there a lot of them! Now just to get it all figured out and in place for school to begin! LOL

I also got the velcro attached to the pages for the boys schedule books.

Here's an idea of what they will look like when I get it all together. I did a little sorting and sticking just to get an idea of how it would all work.

Well I am worn out and feeling a little blah...till next time be kind and love one another...wendy

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