Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So what's been going on with you? I am continuing with my school room reorganization/new school year preparation project as well as my freezer cooking project! LOL

Yesterday I got into the classroom and I worked on putting things away and organizing the closet! I even labeled stuff - yeah me! As you can see my sweet hubby got the shelves put up for me this last weekend! Love him! I am excited to have more room and a nice neat area to store our supplies! Love it! You can see our "class brain" hanging from the ceiling fan in the top of the picture! :)
Last night my hubby brought home these very delish and way yummy crustini rolls! Thank you Hubby - you rock! So I took the BBQ chicken mix and the Sloppy Joe mix I made and turned it into sandwiches for the freezer! Oh these are so awesome! I am excited to have them in the freezer!!! Love it! Above you can see the Sloppy Joes!
Bug started swim team today - oh he is sooooooo excited! I have to say that I am very excited for him! He loves the water, always has I think and just loves to swim! A fellow ECCHO member passed along the info on Stingray Swim School and I was ecstatic! So we signed him up and today was his first day! He said that the water was freezing, but other than that he is really excited and can't wait for the next practice.
Here's his first dive! LOL - On the third dive his Coach told him he had it down pat! I am so glad that we found this opportunity for him. We've been debating a "sport" for him for the past year or so...nothing really seemed to fit...perhaps we've found it now! Yeah!
Here is today's recipe...although it won't make it to the freezer! LOL - Chicken tortilla soup - it was very very yummy!!! Hubby took some in his lunch box and Bug ate 2 big bowls for dinner! I topped it with shredded cheese and served with tortilla chips. Oh this one is delish! It uses an enchilada sauce in it - so yummy! I am planning to make another huge pot and freeze some for later!
This evening it cooled a bit so the boys and I went out to play with the hounds for a bit. Sadie girl is so funny! The boys will throw rocks for her and she loves to chase them down - crazy hound! Then she holds it in her mouth until she is sure you aren't going to take it! Then she starts barking at the rock! What a gal! I love this dog!
Scamper Pamper is completely a nut! He is so funny! He apparently loves to sit on top of the picnic table. He cracks me up!!! Bug got him playing with the squeaky house shoe!
And then Sadie Girl got into the shoe action! LOL
Even Lady Bug got to playing! She is funny - she likes to take Sadie's Rocks from her. One time when Bug threw the rock, Lady ran over and put her paw on it! I just laughed and laughed. it was quite funny!

Scamper also likes to sit with his Momma on the swing. Crazy hound. I was sitting talking to Hubby on the phone and he came over and jumped up by me. He actually has his paw resting on my leg and he is leaning on me - what a hound! Love him! And you can see my Sadie girl close to her Momma!

Well that's about it for now...until next time be sweet and hug someone!!!

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