Monday, August 15, 2011

A look into the windows of my life...that's what this is...isn't that just the coolest saying. I'll be honest I stole it! That's right saw it on a blog and thought - that is so cool. Hey what can I say it's true...I am giving you a glimpse into our crazy existence here on this God created land!

Can you believe that tiny bit of relief we got on Friday...boy oh boy was it SpEcTaCuLaR!!! LOL - we got .1 in our gauge...well that was with a bug, so perhaps it wasn't quite .1 without the bug. Oh well I will take it that's for was an awesome spectacular day of coolness and wetness. Ahhhh!
Can you see the bug? Poor thing, I guess he was trying to get a drink and got trapped!

I think I could literally hear the dry earth of my sun-beaten-cracked-parched back yard literally sigh as it sucked in that bit of moisture.

Of course Saturday was back up to 100 and then Sunday was 104 here at our it's 111 thus far...guess we will see if it started to decline.

I have so much to blog about from my Sunday afternoon/Monday morning cooking spell. I know, I know, don't faint - Wendy cooking? No there are no pigs flying around among those puffy white clouds...just trying to be a little more domestic. I promise it will probably not last long and I will be back to hamburger helper and cereal, but for now, perhaps my family will enjoy it. LOL

I have taken pictures, but the laundry and bathroom cleaning is screaming my name, not to mention coupon sorting and school room organizing, so I shall return for more blogging and picture uploading later. Until then...enjoy your babies and smile at someone! :)

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