Saturday, June 25, 2011

Well I am feeling better that I got May caught up. LOL

I was thinking the other day about the journals that B's mom used to keep - he actually found a few of them while cleaning out the shed at his Dad's old place. It was rather cool to see her thoughts about daily life, grocery lists, what the boys were up to and such. Made me think, I need to do that, then I remembered I do, sorta, with my blog. So I am more determined to keep it updated.

Bug went to Horse camp earlier this month - he had a
blast!!! I got the chance to stay and help out during the mornings which was a lot of fun! During one of the class times the girls and I did a Draw Write Now lesson and drew a horse. Well it was an attempt on my part to draw a horse. LOL - the girls got a good laugh though.

Bug had a great time riding horses, playing games and learning about being a cowboy.

After horse camp on Friday we ran down towards Itasca where we had seen a field of sunflowers a few weeks earlier that had just begun to bloom. Well when we went down there they were in full bloom and boy oh boy were they beautiful! What a site to see acres and acres of the pretties!

Red took swimming lessons the same time that Bug was in Horse Camp. Oh what an experience that was. Red absolutely hates the water and he was not not very happy about it. We haven't every tried before because we knew that the teenage instructors at the Y would never get him in the water. A friend of mine recommended Coach Gaylor from the HS, so we decided it might be just what Red needed. It was horrible the first day, he was upset and cried and scared to get in. But Coach Gaylor ot him in. Not that he was happy about it. He completed six days though and in the end he was actually swimming on his own a little bit and floating on his back like a champ! I will definitely be contacting Coach Gaylor again next summer!

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