Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back in early June the the boys, Daddy and I loaded up to head out to the Annual Preston Street Garage Sale in Ennis.

We love a good junkin' sale and the community wide garage sales are always the best!

We came home with lots of treasures and two very tired boys on Friday, but it didn't discourage us from heading out again on Sunday. What fun we had!

We found a $.05 bucket at one sale and boy oh boy did Bug have a good time digging through it! He found lots of little treasures for the geocaching box. He also found several old match box cars, and some Disney pins. He was quite excited about his find. That boys is a collector already....oh help me! LOL

Here is some other finds. I was very excited about this Texas Aggies box that Daddy found at one sale! It will be perfect to fill with goodies for a future Texas box!

Daddy picked up a few interesting jars. I found a set of three boxes (brand new) of staples for $1 - what a steal! I also found a goodie bag at one sale for $.50 - it was very interesting with a great mix of old buttons, interesting jewelry pieces and sewing stuff.

Oh I love this bag - it was $0.10 - it included some sewing stuff which I will pass along to Mom, but the most interesting was a pin cushion with little china girls on it. It is very pretty and very interesting.

I found a Texas shaped ice cube tray (another great thing for a future Texas Box) and a brand new # 8 candle! Red found a toy and a tap light for his room. Bug found that very interesting lizard piece and an angel pendent. Daddy picked up the games and the collector card and pin.

We found some canning books at a sale and I was very excited about that! We also found a little fan for the classroom and a clip light. Bug found a boomerang for $.25 - one of his favorite toys these days!

Daddy picked up this 7 up trash can for $1 - What a Find! He also got a Coors lamp and some silver pieces.

I got a new cutting board and a box of envelopes for a quarter.

Well that was most of it. We had an absolute blast and really just enjoyed being out and about with each other and spending time together as a family. It was HOT, but we loved being together and junkin'! :)

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