Saturday, June 25, 2011

VBS @ The Cowboy Church of Ellis County -Son Country Harvest

The boys attended VBS at our church a couple of weeks back. They had so much fun! Bug was so excited about the water games and play that they did each night. It was a blast. I got to help out with Bug's class which was a lot of fun.

The boys attended VBS at The Avenue church last week and had a lot of fun with friends. Bug was excited to see his friends Garrett and David again. Red made a new friend named Seth and just had a ball playing on the playground with him.

I love that they have the opportunity to go have some fun with old friends and new during the summer. It also helps pass the crazy hot days we've been having lately.

Here's our latest project! LOL


We dabbed at it last year with Memaw and made some tomato sauce.

We have a garden going, but it's been so crazy hot already that our poor garden is just not producing like it usually does. :(

But I found jalapeno's on sale 3 pounds for a dollar so we thought - heck we need to try
this canning thing again! So we did - and honestly it was so easy! Hubby did most of the work on the jalapeno's and came out with 6 beautiful jars! I am excited!

So I caught the canning bug!
picked up peaches 3 pounds for $1 and decided I could can them! I got 5 beautiful jars out of the batch and boy oh boy are they pretty! I was very excited. It was a lot of work to peel, pit and dice all those peaches, but oh so worth it to see the end product!

The coupon chat group from ECCHO meets up every Thursday for a play date and we decided that this Thursday we want to have a canning play date.

I came home this afternoon after a super fun time at Mattie and JoJo's birthday party and put up a pineapple I got for $.99! Woo-Hoo! I have been debating putting up some tidbits and did a little research on the best way to do it. I didn't want to make it really syrupy - so I decided to sweeten the pineapple with a touch of sugar and just use water as the liquid. I tasted it before I jarred it and it was very yummy! I only had one jar left in my box so I figured it was a good "trial" jar. It went smooth as butter and I am very excited. It turned out sooo pretty! Love it! I can't wait to try some other things. I have to get myself so more jars. We got some tomatoes and peppers from the garden yesterday so I am thinking Monday I might try a garden salsa.

Oh the fun I am having!

Here is Bug's newest friend...he was outside with Daddy this evening and found this little guy hopping around. He was quite excited to play with him for a while. LOL I think we'll call him Fred...

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Angela said...

Hey! I love the pictures of all your canning. And I never even thought about putting up pineapple....excellent idea, chicky! I made peach cobbler yesterday with peaches that the kids and I picked and canned last year. It came out great! I'm excited about going to the canning playdate to see all the new ideas and methods.

We really enjoyed having you guys over for the party. My mother had a good time visiting with Brian! As usual, I was like a chicken with my head cut off trying to visit with everyone. You guys need to come back over for a swim playdate so we can really visit...LOL. And Kaden can show me some of his swim tricks! (I'm still waiting on my picture, Kaden)Well, Nana is still here for one more day so, we're headed out to take her to lunch and goof off a while.