Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playing catch-up again! First May flew by and now here we are at the end of June! Oh my goodness! Well this post takes us all the way back to the first part of May. We went with some friends from ECCHO to a baseball game in Grand Prairie. The Grand Prairie Air Hogs vs. the Salt Dogs.

The kids had an absolute blast being with their friends, Seth, Aaron and Alyssa @ the game!
At one point they threw out t-shirts and Bug tried hard to catch one! I think he enjoyed the running more than the trying to catch though. LOL
Here is the mascot - he came around to visit all the fans in the stands! It was fun to meet him!
The mascot got the crowd cheering as the Airhogs finally scored a run! :) Although we really didn't care as we just enjoyed being with friends. We ate hot dogs, drank soda, popcorn and cotton candy! The kids were a mess, but they had so much fun it was totally worth it! Thank goodness for germx and baby wipes.

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Kellie said...

That was a SUPER FUN day!! My kids are still talking about it!! :-)