Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Beach Trip to Matagorda Bay with Memaw & Papa!

Back in May we traveled to Matagorda Bay to spend a few days with Memaw and Papa.

It was a wonderful time.

The boys had a great time feeding the gulls. I am always amazed when we throw a piece of bread to one and then all of sudden three dozen we upon us! It was quite amazing.

Dad and I enjoyed walking on the beach in the mornings. It was so nice out! We found a really cool man-o-war and he was still alive. We tried to "save" him, but the darn thing kept coming back with the tide. The discovery turned up a very interesting conversation about man-o-war's and how they might "work". Thank goodness for technology when we got back to the house we were able to learn all about the man-o-war! :)

Here is one of the gulls wading in a tide pool.

Here was another cool discovery Dad and I found. A coconut covered in alga and little tiny crabs. They were alive too - it was really neat. Again we tried to get it back out to sea, but it kept rolling back in. It was cool to ponder where that coconut might have come from.

The ocean was very rough the whole time we were down there. The wind was crazy and the waves were big! It was cool to watch them roll in though!

Here is a shot of the brown pelicans that are native to the gulf coast. They are so cool to watch.

It didn't take long for Bug to convince his Papa to take him off into the water. They would "ride the waves" as they came in. It was hilarious to watch. Up and down up and down! Bug loved it! Papa finally had to drag him out there because they were both shivering and turning blue! LOL

Oh I just love this picture. The way that the sand dune flowers would open and close each day was so pretty. I just love it.

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