Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well I attempted to get it all into one blog, but that didn't work. LOL - I remember (too late) that I had pics from my camera that I hadn't downloaded. :) So here goes, another update!

Here is some of Red's latest work. I am really proud of him. He is one of those kids that gets really mad if he doesn't do it just perfect. So we have been working on that. He often just won't try again - just would rather thrown down the pencil and give up - than make another attempt. So we've been working on that - he is coming right along with his writing and I am so proud. He seems to slowly be warming up to "trying again" rather than just throwing in the towel (or pencil int his case). Although he still gets quite frustrated, I am really seeing some maturing going on.

I mentioned in my last update how much Bug loves Ms. Dena's drawing class at ECCHO - well he has been so excited about it that I decided to look for some drawing books at paperbackswap.com. I came across this Drawing Reptiles book and order it - he was just ecstatic when it came in. I have to admit, I had not realized just how much he likes to draw.

He immediately went to work and just draws all the time now! So I looked up another and came up with the dog one - which I knew he'd get a kick out off because Bug is a dog lover to the MAX!
Here is some of his drawings he's done:

Boston Terrier


German Shepherd (like our Ladybug!)

Bulldog & Boxer

And from the reptiles book:

sea turtle




Below you will see an update on the garden. It's all planted now, although it's hard to see since the plants are so small yet. Hubby is putting in the last of the veggies there - red cabbage. The boys have been working hard with Daddy out there - tilling, weeding, hauling rocks (and more rocks), planting, watering. Science has taken root in the garden this spring. I love seeing my Hubby get into the whole "teaching spirit". I got some great pics of him with the boys and the neighbor boy planting peppers and tomatoes. It was awesome. I do believe my Hubby has a Montessori style heart or perhaps he's watched me do it so often that it's just taken root. He used the three part lesson to teach the boys how to plant the plants correctly in the ground. It was so cool to see them in action. I show you, you show me, now recall what you just did. I love it! Hubby just finished up the hoses today, so I think it's all in place. Now just to keep the birds away so they plants can grow big and strong! He laid soaker hoses throughout the garden - we are hoping this will prove to be a more direct - less water wasting - watering tactic.

Here's another art project Bug came up with. We found several bags of precut Texas shapes in the garage last weekend when we had our garage sale. I had brought one in thinking we'd come up with something to include in our Texas Geography Boxes. Well Bug found them on the shelf and decided he wanted to paint some for ornaments, so paint he did. We didn't have white, so he used silver in it's place. I haven't added the strings yet as they weren't quite dry. I think these will be a great addition to our boxes!

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