Monday, March 21, 2011

Well we found, actually Daddy found a set of bunk beds like we were looking for. We picked them up last week and got them put in the room on Saturday night. Daddy had to run to Lowe's and pick up a couple of screws and dowel rods on Sunday so we finished them up on Sunday.

The boys are ecstatic about them...which is awesome!

Daddy has to fix a drawer and a knob - but other than that it's perfect! The boys just love it!

Bug has claimed the top bunk - which was a bit surprising (he is not too keen on heights), and absolutely loves it. I think he enjoys having his own "space". Red is in the bottom bunk and he enjoys having the bookshelf to set up his war on. LOL Go figure!

There is a desk at one end and Bug has already filled the top drawer with his goodies! :)

For school this morning Bug wanted to work at his desk, so he would get his assignment and head back to the bedroom. LOL It worked I suppose. We actually did science and history and bible/character from the top bunk.

In math today we chatted about venn diagram's and made one of families with children. It was fun to see the light bulb go on when he figured out our little "tabs" wouldn't fit on the bar graph. I love hands on learning...

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