Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can you believe it's already mid-March? Wow! It has been a crazy busy week - more so than usual around our house! Daddy worked overtime three days this week, which was weird because he was gone more than usual. Bug had a really hard time with this - he is such a

Daddy's boy that he would literally wait at the window for him. Poor baby! We certainly kept busy though. We had choir, school, RA's, Meals on Wheels and ECCHO (home school co-op). Oh my! I am tired just thinking about all the running we did! And betwix all that we did some shopping with Daddy for a/c units for the boys bedroom and living room as well as the plants for the garden.

School went well this week - we got a lot done - I was very proud of the boys diligence and success.
For RA's Bug and I worked on a first aid kit. He is learning about what goes in a first aid kit and what each item is for. It was a pretty interesting experience. He kept shoving and I kept saying "No shoving" put it in neatly. He was not at all interested in the neatness factor, but he was very excited to be packing it by himself. He did a great job and I was really amazed at his knowledge of the various items. He even put in one of his own pocket knives. I am so excited about this RA's curriculum we are using the advancement (character studies) as well as the campcraft (what they go over during meetings). We've studied Loyalty, Friendship and courage so far, we are currently studying responsibility. Bug loves RA's and really enjoys going and learning all the camping and survivor skills with the other boys.

One of the boys "outside" projects was a fort. They built this down by the creek that runs down behind our house. It was quite a project! They got it all set up and standing between a couple of trees. It comes
complete with a back door and "gun holes". They had the best time building this.

Here you will see Bug's work from his drawing class at ECCHO. They were working on animals. Bug did a great job. He loves the class and is so excited to try out what he is learning. He loves art and really likes the idea of knowing he is learning to draw "for real". :) I believe he takes after his Granny Faye in the art dept. I certainly can't draw this well.

Here you see Bug's mouse.
And his even had some fruit to eat!

And here is Bug's frog...I love it!

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