Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well I have a lot of pics posted on this one. We had a round of some weird fever/stomach virus go around our house and it threw me way off my little "schedule" I had recently worked out for myself. LOL But anyway I am going to try and catch up on my posts tonight!

We've had a busy spring already - not that life is ever slow around here! Between school, the garden, various reorganizing/rearranging projects, a garage sale, sickness and extracurricular activities it's been crazy. It doesn't look like it will slow down much either come April!

Here is one of Bug's latest creations...his name is Plank. Can you see his eyes (made from nails)? Funny. Bug loves to build and decided he wanted to make a man...so he did. ;)

Below you can see the bird nest a little brown sparrow built in one of the bike hats. What is funny is it hangs right next to the back door. I think it's some sort of house sparrow. She is small and brown with little dots on her back. I sneaked in to take a pic of her nest - I am just amazed at how birds manage to be so detailed without thumbs and fingers...I mean really! Well a week or so later I noticed she had laid eggs. So I sneaked a pic using the long lens. I promise to leave them alone now...well I am sure you will get a pic of the babies, but until then no more peaking! ;) I just can't resist I love them.

This is a funny one...can you tell what this is?

A few posts back I told ya'll about that crazy horn that Red came home with...the longhorn - well this is the inside...complete with it's own bird nest. LOL Another little sparrow thought this would make a perfect nursery to hatch her babies I guess. I had noticed her flying off when I opened the back door a few times and finally caught on to where she was coming from. We actually watched her build this over a few days, it was neat to peek in and see it come together. She has a nice little den in there now. I actually used a bungy to tie it to the top of the porch bench which is where it was sitting when she took up residence. (I mean really now what in the world was I supposed to do with this thing!!!) I was afraid that the horn might slip though and fearing the worst for the sweet little Momma I decided I had better tie it down for the season. No eggs yet...perhaps soon! :)

Here is some interesting pics from a recent math lesson. Bug and I were discussing lines of symmetry and used paint to demonstrate. The first set is the red and blue simple prints - I did the blue (Bug thought it turned out like a shell) and Bug did the red - which he thought was super cool since it looks like a heart. :) Then we used various colors to create a picture to see how it came out. We even tried writing our names to see what would happen - I think he enjoyed the "mirror" effect. It was a neat learning experience - complete with paint on the top bunk of the new beds. How brave am I? LOL

Oh I just had to share this one. Look at this awesome handwriting. Bug has really ta
ken off in his penmanship. He is being so much neater and cleaner these days, I am really proud!

These next few pics you will see are of our Tennessee geography box we received from our swap partners last week. I admit we haven't delved much into the whole geography lesson about Tennessee, but it's a great resource to use and we were very excited to get it in the mail. The boys especially liked the bubble wrap! Funny!

The box was really awesome and included some really cool stuff - a live iris (the state flower) hats, lots of brochures and literature about the state. Also Tennessee caps - the boys had to put these on right away! Our swap family also included a picture album which I thought was an awesome idea! It had so many cool pictures of places they had visited and things in Tennessee - I am going to steal this idea for our future boxes! They also included some real tree samples and seeds. And - I love this - a box of little Debbie snacks and a box of moon pies! Did you know that Moon Pies originally came from Chattanooga, TN (the town where our swap family lives). I didn't know that! And Little Debbie's are from Tennessee too!

Pictured next you will see some of Bug's latest
artwork from his ECCHO art class - they worked on animals and houses. He is becoming such a good little artist. I am so excited that he is finding something he really enjoys. He really like's Ms. Dena's drawing class. She draws up on a large white board at the front of the room and the kids draw at the table - I am impressed!

The House That Bug Drew...

Kitty Cat

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