Tuesday, April 05, 2011

While I am blogging I figured I'd try to get a family update in as well. :) As always we never
slow down around here and certainly do not lack for activity and socialization! :)

For Bug's RA's group he is currently working on his Discoverer 2 patch. One of the requirements for Nature Craft is to create an object out rock, paint and glue. Bug
decided to create a car. He ended up making two because he couldn't decide
between rocks. LOL We did a lesson on using a chisel and how to chisel gently to make the "wheels" a little more round. He did well - it was fun to see him work so hard to find rocks that were similar in size then try to make them "rounder" than before. LOL

Here you can see him painting them.

I thought I got a finished pic - but I guess I didn't. I'll have to update later.

I have been working on the rearranging project again. Tackling the school room has turned into quite a job and mess and battle and ugh. But I know when I get it finished I will be quite proud of my work, so I will persevere! LOL Here you can see (embarrassing) some of the mess the room was in before. We are planning to put up some shelves for the the boys keepsake stuff - trophies, banks, art projects, etc. (Hopefully soon!!!)

Here you can see the computer desk as it was shoved into the room when we began working on the boys bedroom. This is where it sat for several days. And yes that is a string of Christmas lights - Bug wanted lights in his room so Dad hung them - and they stayed because he liked them as a "going to sleep light". LOL - yes they are now in the Christmas light box where they belong. ;)

Okay here you can see it sorta coming together. I decided to use a corner desk for the computer so it would save some space.

And here it is with the computer in place. I couldn't find Dad's electric screw/drill thingy so I was unable to hang the bulletin board, but it will eventually go on the wall above the desk. That's Bug's school desk you see there - piled with junk that didn't have a place just yet. :)

Okay so that project is not done, but slowly I am putting it together...will post more pics soon.

Red and I were working on the geoboards yesterday during math. He liked this lesson. Yeah! I think he enjoyed using the rubber bands a lot. We made a K as well as various shapes and lines. Fun!

Pictured here you see Hulk Hogan, Rey Mysterio, Edge and The Big Show (from left to right). LOL

The boys and I went to Michael's for the Easter Make and Take event (FYI - no one goes on weekdays morning events so it was very low key and one on one - and we got to make 2!) The boys enjoyed creating their little egg chicks. You can tell by the names that Wrestlemania is still foremost on their minds!

Well that is all for now...I really must hit the sack! Until next update - be kind and love one another!


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