Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well here is the last of the November stuff...really, I promise this time!  LOL

When we got back from Uncle Mike's Thanskgiving weekend we worked hard to finish up our school for the year.  Daddy took some vacation time in December and we wanted to have some of the same vacation time!  

Red working on some reading stuff!

Bug working on language arts...the Learning Language Arts Through Literature is working out really well, it's simple and easy to follow and we are enjoying it!

Bug made a 100 on his science quiz - You go Buggy!

For his spelling words Bug decided (on his own) to write his spelling words 10 times each - on a napkin no less...whatever makes it happen though, right?

I attended a math workshop recently and one of the ideas I came out with is to make beads of 10 to show the days of school and help kids put together that whole "tens" thing.  So we started one with Red.

Red working on his Explode the Code oh man is he doing good.

Bug working on spelling.

And Bug working on reading...he's almost finished book 2 - yeah!

Here goes the make your own candy cane kit - off to the cousins!

At the end of November my Girls In Action group began making ornaments as part of our Lottie Moon Christmas offering project.  The girls worked so hard making various ornaments to raise money for the offering.  It was a great experience!

Here they were working on stick Christmas trees.

Decorating the trees was fun and entertaining! 
The girls were so serious about their decorations.

What a group of hard workers!

These trees were spectacular!

Our first Christmas card of the season!  One of my GA girls - Brooke - gave me the first card of the season - what a sweetie!

When Daddy decorated the outside of the house, he decided that the Pups needed something to look at, so Santa and his tree went in the back yard!

Sadie got into the decorating!  ;)

And Scamper decided to help out a bit.  

The tree decorating was a fun night...lots of lights and a gazillion or so ornaments!

Mommy digging out more ornaments.   
Daddy helped put on some ornaments too! 
We decided we needed pizza for the ornament decorating night - Football Pizza!  Woo-Hoo!

Bug was very excited to find his girl and boy dinos!

So while decorating trees the boys decided that they needed one in their room as well.

The Bubba Tree!

The Bubba Tree all lit up with the lights out!

And the school room tree...cuz every school room needs a tree, right?  ;)

Okay so that's all for November 2011...December will be posted soon, hopefully!  LOL  Until then, love your family and kiss your special one Happy New Year!

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