Friday, December 16, 2011

So of course I am way behind in my blog about life...but then life does tend to get in the way, right?  LOL  So I am going back to November because my goal is to blog all of 2011 before the year is out...augh!  It's almost over, right?  LOL  But anyway, here's a few pictures from November...ahem...early November, yes I am that far behind!  Let me just tell you now, you don't even want to see my scrapbook files!  LOL
In Bug's math warm-up we were working on lines and he thought it was cool to try and figure out the design before he made it.  It was a neat exercise.  

Red has been diligently working on his penmanship.  He has come a long way in the past several months, I am very proud of him!

 Bug won this speaker pillow at RA's from one of the contests they did - he was very excited to hook it up so he could listen to his music while working on the computer.
 Oh my goodness, is this a sad sight or what?  My poor coupon binder was a mess!  But thankfully I had a little time one afternoon to get it all straightened up and in order again.  Purged some old coupons and filed all the new nice and neatly!
 Bug made this pretty little vase at the State Fair - it took a few days to dry, but when it did he enjoyed painting it.  He even used some of that purple shave cream paint we made.  Pretty!
 Forts, Forts, Forts!  At any given time you can find at least two forts in various stages of readiness around our yard.  The boys even had the cannons ready for battle near this particular one.  LOL  The life of boys!
 Another view of this spectacular display of craftsmanship.  I like the way the car is a gun holder (hidden by the pine branches).  LOL
 And the back view...they had to make sure that the enemy couldn't see through the windows!
 Check out this sky...boy oh boy were we in need of some rain - I was so excited to see all the clouds and darkness!
 Saying a prayer (probably that we don't squish him).  LOL - isn't he great!  We found him on our nature hike at the park!
 Check out the thorns on this baby!  Wow!
 One more off the list of "to finds".  LOL - grabbed this baby at the park.  We found an rifle bullet inside (oui!) and thought it was best not to leave that inside - so we traded it for some swag and took it home to Daddy!
 Can you see him?  We were hiking along one of the trails and came upon this gorgeous hawk.  We didn't get to close before he swooped on his way, but he sure was awesome to see!
 While on the trail we also came across this very cool log that the boys decided had been chewed by a real beaver.  It was cool to see, that's for sure!
You know after a summer of DROUGHT and excruciating heat our tomato and pepper plants were a sad sight, but then at the end of the summer with one small rain storm they perked up like nothing we could imagine.  It was crazy!  See how pretty this pepper plant is!

Well one down, more to go...until later...we-

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