Sunday, January 01, 2012

The many adventures of Bernard the Elf that visits our house during December...

We love Bernard...he is a sweet little guy with a precious smile and "eyes" that see all!  :)

He showed up all over and about this December...and was quite mischievous I must say!  Little toot!  LOL

Now mind you these are not in order - just all the places and things he's done throughout the month!

Bernard is an avid reader...
Sometimes he likes to sit on the boys tree because he has a better "view" from there!  LOL 
We learned this year that Bernard likes to play the guitar! 
He also cares about dental hygiene...or making a mess with the toothpaste anyway! 
Bernard carried the boys Santa letters to him this year...saved a stamp! 
Bernard was picking at Daddy - lol - drinking his Dublin DP and eating Candy! 
On one of our trips to the Hill Country we stopped in to see the Hill Country Lights drive thru with Bernard! 
Bernard and Noisy Boy got into a shoot out at Uncle Pickles! 
We found Bernard taking a "closer look" at the nativity in Uncle Pickle's window. 
And the crown-de-resistance!  He showed up in the hole the boys created in Uncle Pickle's wall! 
Bernard likes to pretend to be a Christmas card! 
Daddy and Red got into an argument about "getting coal" for Christmas one evening.  Well Red's solution was "I just won't play with it".  LOL  Well I guess Bernard must have heard them arguing because he showed up the next morning cutting out lumps of coal!  LOL 
One morning at Uncle Pickle's Bernard toilet papered the dining room.   
Uncle Pickle went hunting that morning and it was quit funny - he said he walked out of his room and ran back in because he thought someone had broken in!  LOL  Poor Uncle Pickle! 
We did warn him that Bernard was rather mischevious! 
Bernard helped us finish a hard, but great puzzle! 
A reminder to put away their shoes maybe? 
Bernard must have been feeding the pups some puppy treats! 
He showed up in one of the top cabinets at Uncle Mikes...standing up no less!  HA! 
This was how we found Bernard the first day of December...digging in the cookie jar...with a mess of crumbs all over the counter! 
Uh-Oh!  Bernard showed up with a note one morning! 
This morning was a hoot - Papa thought Bernard had peed in the milk!  LOL He almost threw it out!
Seems Bernard couldn't keep from tearing into the gingerbread house!   
Fishin' Anyone?
One morning as we began packing the car so we could head (back) to Uncle Pickle's we found Bernard hiding inside Bug's face mask!  LOL
On Christmas Eve morning, Bug found Bernard hanging out with his new friend Billy Bob Jim Bob James inside the Christmas wreath on the front door!  LOL
That night as we were shooing the boys to bed, so Santa could visit, they went over to Bernard to say Good-bye and tell him how much they loved his visit.  Red also asked Bernard if he would leave Billy Bob Jim Bob James at our house instead of taking him to the North Pole!

So the month was filled with "Elfin Mischevious-ness" and of course lots of fun!!!  :)

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