Saturday, December 31, 2011

So when I began looking through the pictures, ummm...I forgot part of!

So my goal was to have all of 2011 blogged before the new year...ummm, it's 11:18pm on Dec. 31st, I don't think I am gonna make it...but you'll forgive me right?  LOL

Perhaps I should change it to all of November blogged before the new year.  

I guess I better get going or I won't make that one either!  LOL

So here is Red scrubba dubbin' the door!  LOL - for just about ever now we've had muddy handprints on the back door.  I actually loved seeing their little hands every time I opened the back door.  But we figured since we were having company up for Thanksgiving we had better do a little cleaning!  So Red worked hard and made the door shine - great job babe!

As we were planning out the Thanksgiving menu, we figured out there were a lot of "traditional" desserts that Red couldn't have.  So I let him pick any dessert he wanted and Mommy would figure it out - well he chose lemon bars!  Yum!

Since Christmas is getting close I decided to put together a "Make your own candy cane" kit to send to the cousins.  I used a spice bottle and added pipe cleaners, name tags, beads, ribbon and an instruction card.   

Daddy got the turkey ready for the oven...He did a dry rub of season salt, and injected it with Stubb's Texas butter marinade.  It's ready for the oven!

Here is Bug's choice of desert.  He saw this cute Turkey (mini) pumpkin pie on pinterest.  So we figured we would try one of our own...only bigger!  LOL  Super cute huh?

Memaw and Daddy are getting the turkey ready for the beautiful platter!!!

Check out this beautiful bird!!!

Oh My -We had dessert coming out our ears!  LOL

It was time to dig in and after the prayer, Papa didn't waste any time!
So what did you do on Thanksgiving night?  We headed to Wal-Mart for some black friday shopping!  LOL Even though it was actually Thursday - Red asked what "Black Thursday" was and Bug told him "Black Thursday is when you go shopping on Thursday and it's really black outside".  LOL - love those boys!
Making memories with the family...Friday after Thanksgiving we drove to Blanco to visit with Uncle Pickle.  Memaw and Papa came over as well and we met up in Johnson City to watch the lighting of the city.  It was really cool to see it all light up.  We picked up some pecans on the courthouse lawn and cracked them while we waited.  They were very yummy!!!

Here's a view of the "square"...they had it all lit up.

And the courthouse - awesome!

On the way home from Blanco we decided to come up through meridian and WOW - there is an exotic farm with all kinds of Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Deer, Buffalo, Zebra - it was cool!  The big elk by the telephone pole looked at me when I took his picture.  I think he was a little upset with the "paparazzi".  LOL  He looked like he might charge me so I made my way back to the car rather quick like!  :)

Okay so I am little closer to getting November all up...whew...Big Smiles until next time...we-

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