Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Fun with the Cousins!!!

The Friday before Halloween we got together with Auntie and the cousins for Pizza and Pumpkins. A good combination in my book!

The kids had a ball digging out the seeds and strings and goo from the pumpkin. Cousin L was especially excited about the goo digging.

We did two pumpkins and each kiddo got to draw one aspect of the pumpkins face. It was quite an interesting combo let me tell you! LOL

And then Daddy had the privilege of cutting out all those interesting shapes. One even had a heart nose!

While we were sitting carving pumpkins we gave Cousin H her birthday goodies. The boys had picked out something special for her and were very excited to give it to her.

I see now that I didn't get a picture of the actual gifts. Poo!

Bug picked out a beautiful blue and silver dragonfly key chain. When I reminded him that Cousin H didn't actually have a car - he said, "That's okay she can put her house key on it". LOL

After carving and (kid) wrestling in the yard we went in for pizza and the Rangers game!

The kids decided to roast the pumpkin seeds so Bug, Cousin B and Cousin L washed the seeds really well and dried them for roasting.

The roasted seeds were quite yummy and the kids seemed to really like them!

It was a fun family time. The cousins enjoyed playing together and spending time with each other.

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