Sunday, November 06, 2011

A field trip to Blanco State Park...

While visiting Blanco county the boys and I headed out to the Blanco State Park!

I love state parks - so much to see and do and explore!

And it counts as a school day - so woo-hoo!

Of course while we were out exploring the smallest state park in Texas we had to do a little geocaching!

We found the first one no problem, traded a little swag and took a card that told about the park - cool!

Bug had fun returning it before the muggles coming down the trail saw us! Hehe!

While out and about exploring we came upon this guy who was a highlight in Bug's day. He was able to feed him leaves by hand - which of course just made his day!

Red kept saying "Watch out he's gonna spit on you"! LOL

Yum Yum!

This poor ugly creature came up - but not to close. He was just pitiful looking with this huge flap of wool hanging off his back like a scab. Yuck!

Another geocache that we found at the park. A witches finger - very clever! LOL

Some beautiful cluster of daisy's growing off the side of the damn. Pretty!

Bug searching for another cache - we soon figured out it wasn't "in" the rock wall!

We decided to drop Geico Gecko to continue his journey and we grabbed a geocoin to take to another cache.

On our way to find the last cache we encountered a couple of ducks.

He didn't seem to excited about us...but he didn't come after us so I guess that's good! LOL

After a little hike up the side of a mountain (hill) we found the cache hanging in a tree! Cool! We traded some swag and signed the log before heading out to find Daddy.

What a fun day!

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