Monday, May 09, 2011

Well April went out with a bang here in Texas!!! We had a couple of weeks of crazy stormy weather around here!

We watched the storm roll in one afternoon and it was just incredible. This picture just doesn't do it justice!

Here you see the middle bathroom. We do not have storm cellar (which I am honestly okay with cause I don't know that I could make myself get in it) so the boys bathroom is our safe place. I stacked sleeping bags and pillows in there - just in case! We also had water, a small ice chest of snacks, towels, flashlights, candles and books. I ended up leaving it all in there for a few days because the weather was so unpredictable.

I went in to the bathroom at one point and found this! LOL

Bug had filled the tub with his most treasured possessions. Lots of stuffed animals, his new am/fm radio Daddy got him, some of his stained glass, under all that you will find his star wars books and his new journal.

When the storm started being a little loud the boys got very restless. So I came up with a "tent" for them to watch cartoons in. A snack and some toons and they were better. Whew!!!

We got three different bouts of hail. None were really big - but it sounded incredible as it beat the ground. This was about the size of it all.

I gotta remember to waymark this one!

Through all the storms we got some much needed rain - Thank You Lord for your mercy! We got a little hail and a few broken branches. Nothing too bad really. We were lucky. The storm that came in during the night...I think it was one of the first had 90 mph straight line winds...that was the worst wind I think I can ever remember...just crazy!

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