Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just trying to catch up on some posting...man does it get behind so easily! Lots of random stuff here!

Here is one of our school day photos...the boys just love love love to draw on the white boards! Red did this creative display. His favorite marker is brown these days.

Bug and I have been working on adding multiple numbers...here is a show of some of his work. You will notice the hand prints that he did in between working problems...lol

The boys and I have been geocaching quite a bit lately. We enjoying the hunt and seeing what goodies we can trade for! :) Bug found this one and wanted to put it back all by himself. (Probably because he had to climb the tree to replace it). LOL

This is an interesting pic. After the crazy storms
lately the huge oak tree at the park in town
was uprooted. It's quite sad to see this big old treasure on it's side.

Here is a peak at our Florida geo-box. It was filled with lots of goodies. Our favorite being a bottle of Orange Blossom Honey (Florida Orange Blossoms that is). There was also some real oranges and seashells from the beach in Florida. The boys had the best time digging through the goodies.

Here is a look at Bug's favorite goodie from the Florida box - a temporary organic tattoo made from organic orange juice. Funny! And this thing lasted forever!

Here is a look at Red's favorite "time killing" routine. While he waits for Bug to finish up his school work a lot of times I will find passed out in the floor - "resting". He is like his Daddy - can sleep anytime, anywhere! LOL

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Suanna said...

Wow! That is a really cool big tree. I hope they find something useful to do with it rather than just mulching it.