Monday, May 09, 2011

This post is all about our cooking escapades of late!

Homemade pizza has been a fun activity around the Johnson house. Since we found out that Red is allergic to cow's milk eat out pizza has been cut out of our diet.

So Daddy experimented with a can of biscuits one day and developed the well loved pizza of choice these days.

A can of Grands rolls out into nice little personal pizzas with some tomato sauce added the toppings are endless.

Hot dogs are a favorite of both boys...

Here's another view...

Of course the cheese ones are everyone else's.

Red chose hot dogs and beef on this one.

Here's another cooking high light!

One of our math lessons involved making a batch of Apple Jack cookies.

It was a fun time learning about cups and teaspoons and tablespoons!

Here is the finished product of our math lesson...some wonderful yummy cookies!

I love's so wonderful to have the freedom to do fun stuff like baking cookies with my boys! Love it!

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Suanna said...

Those cookies look really good. It sounds like you are having fun.