Sunday, May 08, 2011

Is finally getting around to updating the blog! Yeah!

Let's start with Easter...the boys picked out some goodies for daddy and put them in those cute little bunny bags. Well knowing how nosy Daddy can be we put up a sign to make sure he kept his hands off the goodies! LOL

So Daddy thought he'd do the same and put a goody bag for the boys on the table with a sign!

Here's the boys Easter baskets all ready to be stuffed by that crazy rabbit! LOL

The Easter bunny brought lots of goodies! Bug was excited that he got a new journal in his basket and some new games for his DS. Red was excited that the Easter Bunny brought the Red Trooper he's been wanting.

After church there was an egg hunt in the area. Bro. Chris said that he had seen a big white rabbit squeezing a chicken out there and he needed all the eggs cleaned up so they could have roping practice. LOL

The boys had fun picking up lots of eggs!

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