Monday, April 25, 2011

Junkin'!!! I had planned to originally sit and post all my updates in one blog - well after several days of "Okay you gotta get this done today" I am giving up on that strategy and just gonna start updating a little at a time. It's been crazy the past couple of weeks. Not that it isn't always crazy - but crazier than usual it seems. LOL.

This post is all about our junkin' outing we took a couple of weekends ago. Antique alley is a semi-annual event held in April and September - from Maypearl to Cleburne there is literally 25 miles of garage sales! Oh my goodness - this junkin' families dream! We love it. We've been going the past few years and are always amazed at our finds! We give the boys a bag of quarters to spend as they please - which means they are in heaven! We usually take off early - about 7am - and head down the road with an empty trunk, plenty of snacks and water and our eyes pealed for a sale!

Here are some of our finds! I picked up these three "little things shelves" (which I have since then leveled after seeing them in the picture- haha) for the boys room. They love to put their "little finds" on them - and it keeps it off the floor! :)

This is one of my favorite finds - this old crock cookie jar - isn't it gorgeous - and yes I only paid $1.00!!!

I was on the hunt for "Texas" themed items to include in our Texas Geography boxes. At one sale a lady had a ton of Texas stuff from a kitchen "redo" project. This was one of the things she had - all the decorations for a mini tree - it is absolutely precious - something we decided to keep for our home and not include in a box - $2.00 for the set - what a deal!!!

Red found this little baseball player (to decorate his room he said) for a quarter. I picked up the Texas flag plaque for a quarter and the stationary for a quarter. Bug found the paper weight for a quarter as well!

Hubby picked up this Ostrich egg and stand - I can't remember for sure but I think he might have paid $1 for it.

The little pewter jewelry box was something else my Hubby found - I think he paid 50 cents. :) It's lined with Red velvet inside. Very pretty!

Hubby also found this pretty snow babies collectible for $1!

I found these and just thought they were the coolest - I am not sure all the pieces are there but none the less they were totally worth the .25 cents I paid.

I also picked up a couple of frames for .25 cents - I can always use frames! Yeah!

Well this is not all of the goodies - we had a great time spending time with each other - got in some good exercise and just had a good old time spending our quarters.

Until September.... :)

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