Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well here it is months later and I am just now taking the time to put the words to the Oh well, I suppose at least I can laugh at myself!

A lot has changed in the past several months - crazy how time does fly!

Bug turned 7 two days after my last post...Wow! Seven...I can't imagine...he is about 12 foot tall these days (not really - but he does seem that way) and skinny as a rail! He is smart as a whip and just trucking right through 2nd grade like it's nothing. He is an excellent reader - I am so proud of him. Although he doesn't gravitate towards books as I do - he reads very very well. I love that! Crazy to think he's growing up so fast on me. We certainly have our trying days, but for the most part we do our thing and get through our work well. He is attending RA's at CCEC and LOVING it. We are working though his Lad 1 book and he is learning so much!

Red turned 5 in December...that just floors me - my last one is 5 - Oh My! He's still red headed with a temper to match. LOL - gotta love that Red. If you ask him "What am I gonna do with you? " His reply is, "Love me for who I am". LOL...of course Bug's reply is "Sell him to a band of gypsy's". LOL My Bug! Red is stout as an ox and still loves Davy Crockett. He is currently working on Pre-K/Kindergarten. I don't think he is ready for full blown kindergarten yet so we started slow with Kinder math and science. He also does letter of the week and some "workbook" stuff from Rod and Staff.

The boys (and I) are into wrestling these days. Our favorite wrestlers are Rey Mysterio and Big Show and Kane. The boys (and I) love the "619" move that Mysterio does. We usually find ourselves watching "Friday Night Smackdown" as a family with Daddy.

Our family made the choice to change Home Schooling Co-ops this winter. This was a difficult decision as we had been with our old co-op for five years. But we felt it was the right thing for our family and this January we decided to try out Ellis County Christian Home School Organization. I have to say that God certainly had His hand on us! ECCHO is a wonderful, Christian group of people and we find ourselves very lucky to be a part of it. From the first outing (a fall party) to the current classes it has been a wonderful decision. We feel so welcome and loved just the way we are. The people are loving and friendly and supportive. What a great group.

Bug is currently taking a drawing class - which he absolutely LOVES!!!! I can't say that enough - it is wonderful for him. He loves to draw and create and do "art" so this is certainly right up his ally! Dena (the teacher) is so kind and supportive and encouraging to the kids - I just love her. He says this is his favorite class! The he goes to Theater Games - Sarah is the teacher in there and she teaches the kids all kinds of "on stage pointers and stuff" through fun games. His third class is called "Dance Around the World" - Dena teaches this one as well. It is just the coolest idea for learning about culture. The kids are learning a new "dance" each week from various cultures. Dena shares with them a little about where the dance came from - what it's all about, etc. and then teaches them the dance. Then they practice the dance to the music - it is great! After a lunch break Bug goes to gym class with Heidi. He really enjoys this class - of course anything "athletic" or involving movement he thinks is wonderful! They played a "catch the dragon's tale game last week that was just hilarious. There are 41 kids in the class with Heidi and 4 helpers and it was quite a funny site! LOL They also played games with the parachute which was great fun for them!

Red is also attending "classes" - he goes to Pre-K gym first hour - his class is rather small (only 8 kids) and that is a good thing for him. He gets embarrassed very easily and really has a problem with people "looking at him". Ugh...we are working through this stage. But anyway...he participates well and seems to enjoy the games and all that Heidi plays with them...she definitely keeps them busy! Second hour he goes to story time. I think he likes this class, but would really like more "movement". After a couple of books he is done, but he likes the crafts and coloring
time. Third hour he goes to free play - I really like that the younger ones have the opportunity to just play on the playground or with toys. He is such a young 5 and being able to just "play" with other kids is a great opportunity for him. He loves this class of course - I do believe it's his favorite. LOL After lunch he hangs out with Dad and I and watches Bug in gym class.

You will see there is not much rhyme or reason to this post, I am just sorta rambling my thoughts away here....

Let's see other things that have happened these past few months...hmmm....

Well I began volunteering at Wedgeworth (the school where I completed my student teaching) with Mrs. Kuntz last fall. I love having a few hours to myself on Friday's to just be kid free (well from my kids anyway) and re-energize. Mrs. Kuntz always tells me what a great help I am to her, but oh man - I do believe it's the other way around! LOL I haven't gotten to go in since the Christmas Break...January was just a crazy month and it didn't work out. We have ECCHO classes every other Friday so I plan to go in on the off days. Of course the first "off" day was a snow day so WISD was closed. LOL - just my luck. So I plan to go in this Friday - I am EXCITED! It's always great to spend a few hours kid free - on the drive home I can't get here fast enough, I just miss my monkeys and want to love on them! ;)

We also began volunteering with Meals on Wheels last Fall - this has been such a blessing to our family. We deliver a to seven people in town every Wednesday. It is so sweet to see them each week and chat with them for a few minutes. I do hope it brightens their day b/c I certainly know it brightens ours. The boys favorite person is Ms. Doris. She is just precious and always chats with the boys. They literally fight over who gets to take her meal to her...LOL. We "collect smiles" along our route. What a blessing to our family.

Okay so what else have we been up too...oh I almost forgot SNOW!!! And lot's of it this winter...WISD actually has had 3 different "snow" day was 4 days! Can you believe that? Crazy for Texas - Bug LOVED it! Red wasn't so hot on it...while he "likes" the snow...he doesn't like to be cold and wet so it wasn't his favorite.

I love this picture because it shows the tree's all pretty - and Granny's clothesline all covered in snow

These are a couple of pics of the "first snow" of the year - January 9th. It covered everything and was way way way cooooolllddd! BBBBRRRR!!!! But it was the good snow - stuck together well and made good snowballs.

This is Bug's "tackle dummy". As we were building it with one of the neighbor kids - he tells me, "Mommy don't give it a face or arms. Why?, I ask. Because it's a tackle dummy and if you give him a face it will hurt." LOL - Boys! So the tackle dummy didn't get a face but he did get tackled a lot! They had a blast running and jumping on the poor thing!

But this snow was just the beginning it would seem. Less than a month later the kids were out of school again for snow days...well mine weren't, but we did enjoy the snow!

Crazy Winter Storm - February 4, 2011...This was the day we called the "Pretty Snow Day" was magical - beautiful white flakes fluttered to the ground and created a beautiful blanket of white...but it was so powdery that it didn't stick together so well - thus it wasn't Bug's favorite.

This is one of my favorite pictures from this snow. This chair is on the front porch - I just thought the light dusting was so pretty on it's rusty metal exterior.

Bug's bike and tractor in the snow.

One of my sweet little birds came
to visit. I kept having to throw seed out on top of the snow because it would get all covered up!

"John Wayne" The Texas
Snowman...Daddy and Bug built him to "welcome the Packers and Steelers to town for the Superbowl. Notice the guns? Their motto was "You are welcome if you come in peace". ;)

The snow fort built by Bug and Daddy!

Okay, my eyes are heavy and we have to get up early for doctor's check-up so enough rambling for now...Thanksgiving, Christmas and our "critters", couponing and more will have to wait until another day.

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