Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today we took Red to visit Dr. J - we are calling it a Field Trip! LOL - 'cause that is what home schoolers do - we turn EVERYTHING into a learning opp! ;)

Anyway we took Red in for his 5 year check-up! We were late b/c I forgot back in Dec and then we just got busy and crazy and I am sure you know how that goes. Fortunately we don't seem to take our kids to the Doc much so we a lot of times "forget" to schedule well visits. Dr. J laughed when I apologized for being late! He said Red was the picture of health! Awwww... He got his hearing and eye check-up too. We are scheduling an eye exam in 6 months - just to check. His vision was 25/30 in one eye and while that is still in th
e "normal" range - the nurses said this is the age when vision really starts to change and we should stay on top of it. Red and I had a heart to heart about making sure to tell me if he was having trouble seeing or if things looked fuzzy or blurry. He is the type of kid that is sooooo worried that he will be singled out (even by me) in any way at all he will keep it to himself. That is a worry for me! We set up the 6 month check already so I won't forget! Dr. J also told us about Manchego cheese which is made from sheep's milk. Since Red is allergic to cow's milk - this is an option. He said it's much milder and not as "stinky" as goat's milk cheese. So we are going to try it out...oh to be able to have pizza with cheese again - such a blessing for the little guy! He weighed in at 44 lbs and is 46 inches tall! He got one "owwie" as Ms. Pam calls them, and didn't even cry. What a trooper!

Red sporting his Tazmanian Devil Band-Aid!

Since today was a "field trip" day we didn't have regular school time. We did reading, bible verse recitation and math fact review in the car on the way to Dr. J's office.

When we got back home Bug decided to do some art - he chose one of the sand art pictures from the kit I got him for Valentines.

Very Pink Elephants by: Bug

This afternoon I am spending time (trying to stay awake since I was up very very early) doing laundry and trying to get some things done on my to do list. Bug is sitting in the recliner reading a star wars that baby.

Off for now...blessings to all, we-

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