Friday, February 18, 2011

So pear bread it is! I found a great easy recipe for pear bread and thought - cool I can do this and I can use my new brownie pan! My sweet Hubby got me one of those brownie pans that has the spacer thingy in it. It is absolutely fantabulous! I love the perfect little rectangles it makes!

As part of our school lessons today I decided the boys and I would make pear bread.
The boys helped stir and measure and was messy and loads of fun! Bug helped with most of the measuring - (fractions!!!!) and sifting and crushing the walnuts! Red helped with the stirring and sifting and mashing the pears. It was great fun and so enjoyable to be in the kitchen together...creating something yummy!

Bug was in charge of the flour - he measured it all by himself and leveled it off and everything! He did a great job! It was a little messy, but that's okay! We chatted about fractions and discussed how many halves in a whole and such. We also did quite a bit of adding throughout the process.

Here is the finished product! So pretty and sooooo yummy! You can see the pan here - it is awesome! I let the bread cool for a few minutes, then popped out the little breads and put them on a cooling rack. I had to wash the insert since I had to half the batch to fit. It only took about 25 minutes in the little oven - which I thought was much better than 60 minutes in loaf pans!

The wonderful smell was so inviting! The whole house began to smell like pear bread! It was sooooo yummy! Even Bug was excited to try it. We
gave Daddy the honors of trying the first piece. He declared in delectable and so we all dug in! The boys both said it was fabulous!

What fun we had...and I am sure we learned a little something too!

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