Monday, February 21, 2011

Okay I have to share this with all of you because I am just so proud of my stinking little Redhead and my crazy Bug!

Yesterday afternoon we had another (but hopefully the last - as Hubby put his foot down with them) run in with the neighbors. Walking across the yard with the boys Red said something about Ms. Neighbor being a bad person - I immediately said, Honey Ms. Neighbor is not a bad person - it's just her choices we don't like. He looks at me, takes my hand in his and says "In Cowboy church this morning my teachers told me that when people make bad choices God wants us to love them anyway". I said Yes, that is right, we need to love Ms. Neighbor anyway - we need to pray for her and ask God to help her make better choices. So we come in the house for lunch and Red says, Hold on I need a pillow. He walks to the couch and lays down and puts a pillow over his face. Then after a few moments he uncovers and looks at me. "Momma I was praying for God to help Ms. Neighbor make good choices." My heart just melted...

Later in the afternoon Bug and I went in to town for choir practice. Red and Daddy stayed home to clean on the garage some more. Hubby calls me while I am in town and tells me that Kaden is making a surprise for me. He tells me this is going to get you. (Mind you I am standing in the UMC parking lot at this point!) He tells me that Red was in the house while he was outside and he saw him come outside 4 different times. He said he watched him come out onto the deck and look up at the sky with his hand clasped together in front of his chest. Hubby said I know he was talking but I couldn't tell what he was saying. After the 4th time, Hubby said he went to the playroom where Red was and asked him what he was doing. Red said, "I am creating a surprise for Mommy". Hubby's reply was, "Oh really and what is that." Red tells him "I am cleaning up the playroom." Hubby tells him I will be so excited. Kaden then tells him that at Cowboy Church he learned that sometimes you just do things even if they are hard to show someone you love them. Then Hubby asked him why he was going outside and looking at the sky. Red tells him he was "praying to God to give him the muscles to put away the heavy boxes of toys." (The drawers that go in the toy dresser were out). Then he told Hubby that He was cleaning up the playroom so he could show me love.

What a baby! I love that kid! When Bug and I got home Bug was so excited to reveal what Red had done for me - when I hugged Red and told him thank you. His response was I know I know you like it when I love you. Crazy kid - he gets embarrassed so easily.

His little act of love also motivated big brother to show some love. When I came back into the kitchen (the back door was open as usual these days) Bug was in the yard loving on Lady (our German Shephard). He was petting her and loving her and then he filled her food bowl. I could hear him dumping the dog food in the bowl as I filled tea glasses. I called him to come wash his hands for dinner and as I walked out the back door he was scrubbing up Lady's water bucket and giving her fresh water. I asked him to come wash up and he said "Okay Mom, let me finish loving on Lady first". I watched as he filled her bucket with fresh water, went over and patted her head and said, "Okay Lady there you go girl". Then walked inside. What a sweet boy.

I am so blessed...

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