Monday, July 31, 2006

Well, where is everyone? I know I haven't been here either, but I have a valid excuse!!! :) We've been doing the move thing. Which I exhaustedly say is partially done. We have most everything from the Garland house, just a few non-essentials to pick up sometime or another. And cleaning to do and a garage sale to have...Yeah!

As for the new house, it is coming along. The school building is a complete wreck, but the house is coming together, slowly but surely. I am proud to say that the boys bathroom, the kitchen and the utility room are mostly complete. Woo-hoe! As for the other rooms, well they are there...They are messy...And they are tiring me out! Ha! Between chasing the boys and trying to clean up/clean out/put away my days are certainly filled.

On another note, we tried a new church last Wednesday. Ferris Avenue Baptist Church in Waxahachie. It is a huge church...500+ attending on Sundays...They have 3 Sunday morning services...These are the cons in my view...I don't like big things, I want to be known not a number...But a pro...A big pro...They have an extremely active children's dept. This is awesome in my perspective. I am looking into this as a great place for the boys. They are my main concern. Although I will truly miss Brother Rial...He is so awesome. But I can get his sermons on CD...A good thing for me! We went to Sunday school and church in Garland last Sunday and it was very hard. We got up at 6:30 and were still 15 minutes late. The "only an hour drive" was much more than I imagined. :) One thing I don't like about this church is it doesn't offer Sunday evening services. I don't know for sure yet, I plan to attend a few more times to see what I think. Maybe try some of the other churches as well. We will find a home I know, and soon too. Kutter loves going to "God's House" as he has began to call it and be with the kids. Kaden not so much...But he is at that "separation from mommy is killing me" stage. :)

Kaden is a great kid, a little freaked out by all this traveling, transition and uproar we are having, but a wonderful baby. He is getting so big lately and such a nut. He has started making this popping noise with his mouth. And he purses his lips and says "oooh". It is funny. Still big loud kid at the crack of dawn...Sometimes we would like to give him away around 6am or so. Any takers? :) He is really funny and so much "MY" baby...Ha! Not that I don't love that! ;) He plays great all by himself, sitting where ever I plop him, until I leave the room. He hates that...And even worse to be all alone in a room. That is like the devil or something.

Kutter bug has been taking it all in stride I think. We have become a little more dependent on the binky and the potty is a not so much anymore. But I am not pushing, he will get it when he gets it. With the move and all, I know he is more upset than he is showing. He is loving his new house and really likes to eat breakfast outside. We ususally take our "cerdal" to the back porch. He is a great kid...

Well it looks like the reunion is set for next year. That is great to hear. I can't wait! A whole week with the entire Frazier clan...Well some of us may be completely bald before it is all over. hahaha! Just kidding, I think it is great! I can't wait, everyone keep your eyes open for anouncements and information.

Here is a note, BJ's music artists will be putting on a show in Garland on Friday Sept 1st...More details to follow soon as I am updated. I know that Liz Arnold (, Crystal Lynn ( and Scott Whitaker ( will be there, I am not sure who else.
Well I have neglected the piles for long enough...So here I go again...And again...And again! :)

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