Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GA Award Ceremony

Well the first full year of girls in action at the Cowboy Church has come to an end. We've had an awesome time, worked on so many projects and the girls of been so involved it's been a great experience. I have certainly enjoyed working with them throughout the year. The pictures here are from our award ceremony where the girls got the badges that they earned over the last semester. We had an award ceremony in December because we were brand-new and no one had vests or anything yet. So we decided to hold one last December as well. In these pictures you'll see things that we did to decorate the children's building for the award ceremony. It was a lot of work and thank goodness I had several people help out, it turned out beautiful and it was so nice for the girls I really loved what we ended up doing.

The back of each girls chair was decorated with a poster that had their name on it, they decorated the poster, and then I also put a list of the badges they are on there as well. We had a balloon wall that we took pictures in front of that was a lot of fun to make. Thank you for an air compressor and friends and a hubby that was willing to help put it together. What we did over the tables was hang we hang ribbon canopies. Which were really nice and pretty and very girly and frilly and the girls loved them. The girls decorated flowers for the tables, which were very colorful and beautiful. I can't forget the picture tree, it was spectacular one of the moms printed out a bunch pictures for me, thank goodness! And another mom actually cut a limb off of a dead tree in her yard and painted it hot pink! Well, actually it was the dad. It was spectacular such a great addition to our decorating. I think everyone enjoyed seeing various pictures from throughout the year. You can also see the pretty bows on the vases that we used on the tables, this is what the girls flowers went in.

The other picture is actually at my best. The girls earned badges for doing different projects.

Well I think that's it on My GA ceremony update. I am excited to get it posted finally, It was so nice the ceremony turned out nice and it was fun to see the girls faces when they got either their vest, if they had not yet received it, or the bag of badges to take home and put on their vest. I get so excited to see the girls get excited about helping others it's a blessing! I look forward to this next year, I know it's going to be great!

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