Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh, I forgot to post this funny. When dropping Bug off at Boomerang Express tonight - Red made me laugh. (What's New???)

They have one of those cutouts where you can stick your head in it and take a picture. It is a Kangaroo with a baby and a Koala in a tree next too it. Bug said he wanted us to take a picture so I told him I would bring in the camera and we would this evening. While walking out I was carrying Red and asked him which do you wanna be. He said the baby kangaroo. I made the comment, "How appropriate, cause you're always hanging on you're Momma". He said yeah (while giving me a bear hug) and said "And I don't like Daddy", why not I asked. Cause he's always trying to hang on you. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I about dropped him from laughing so hard as we trekked across the parking lot. It was hilarious.

That's my Red!!!

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