Sunday, August 22, 2010

So here it is....over one year later...I have given up on trying to do it

It's crazy these days...all the time, but that's what life is about I suppose.

The boys are so big these days...Bug will be 7 next month. Can you believe that - seven!

We start Co-op classes at Midlothian Home School Co-op tomorrow. Another fun year I know it already! Bug will be learning about the solar system this fall, I know he will love that! Red will be learning about all sort of fun stuff in Ms. Linda's pre-k class. He thinks Ms. Linda hung the moon and is very excited about this year!

Bug just finished up 1st grade math...he ended the year with an average of 99. Crazy Bug - he is one smart kiddo! Love him!!! We will finish up 1st grade phonics this week. 2nd grade begins next week. Crazy Bug, he sure is growing up.

Red will continue Pre-K this year, but I am throwing in Kindergarten Math and Science. I don't think we are quite ready for a full blow Kindergarten schedule just yet.

It's gonna be a fun year!

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