Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well I figured it was about time I got on here and posted an update. It has been a busy summer and I am just not into the school work this evening, so blogger it is...enjoy! :)

Our summer has been fun and busy and all out of routine. LOL But we are sooooo enjoying ourselves.

The family went on vacation in June to Arkansas. That was a blast. We stopped in Texarkana and had a bagel and stood in 2 states at once! Cool! We saw a house with 22 sides and a weird triangle building. We went to Washington State Park which is actually a town that has been deemed a state park. It is really cool. We got to see the blacksmith shop where the first bowie knife was made (Little Red thought that was way cool). Then we traveled up to the diamond mine in Murfreesboro. We stayed at a cute little place in Nashville and drove up to the mine. Daddy had an absolute blast at the mine and just knows that in one of our buckets of volcanic dirt we trucked home there is a diamond. He had such a great time out there, digging, scooping. Bug, Red and I enjoyed the water park out in front of the was nice to play in the water when it was so hot out. We ventured on to Hot Springs while we were up there and that was just awesome. We enjoyed strolling bath house row - checking out all the sights to see. We also found some great Mexican food while we were there. Bug really enjoyed the pool at our hotel and even little Red got into the action jumping off the side to Daddy! Fun!!! On our return we decided to take the highway instead of the "little roads". We stopped for lunch and spied a sign that pointed the way to the Diamond Mine...hmmm. As we began our journey down 30 toward home along comes yet another sign that points the way to Nashville, AR and the Diamond Mine....who can resist. We did a quick review of our budget and date of intended return and decided okay we are going back! LOL. How funny it was, we swooped over and got a room at the same little hotel. After a quick trip to the local wal-mart for some wash soap and a few other supplies. Off to the mines we went. Whoopie! Daddy was ecstatic. The boys and I had big plans to return to the water park, but just as we drove up and were lathering everyone in sunscreen we heard there was a little "tummy trouble" and the water park was closed until the next day. Awww... No biggie, off to the mine we head. Shovels, buckets, hats and water in tow... We had a great time, digging and sluicing and exploring the vent of a real volcano. Bug decided it was probably dormant and might explode at any moment. It was hot and dirty, but we had so much fun...even saw a real "miner" while we were there. We headed back to Texas and reality the next morning. We very much enjoyed our trip but were glad to be back home again.

The rest of the summer has been filled with VBS, summer camp and tball.

Bug goes to this program on Mondays where they get to do "missions". They earn stars for each mission they complete. They have made busy bags for the local health clinic, cleaned up the local park and handed out water bottles, made cards for soldiers, bake brownies for a ministry group and collected school supplies for an orphanage in Mexico. And the summer is not over yet. it is a great program and Bug is having a blast. Little Red and I have been going to the library during this time...this is always interesting. I usually work on schoolwork and he pesters me with 2000 questions. LOL. Crazy nut...he has the ladies there wrapped around his fingers, they bring him coloring books and paper and set him up on computers to watch videos. :)

We have also attended several VBS programs this summer and the kids have so enjoyed the time to play and learn about Jesus. Oh how their little minds have absorbed soooo much. I hear all kinds of questions these days. It's not just "Jesus love me anymore"...

Our home church did Flight School which the kids liked. They did all kinds of "flying crafts"...airplanes, windsocks, was great. I actually helped out with the 3rd and 4th grade bible study with Ms. Judy. We had a blast!

Both kiddos were able to attend Camp Edge this summer too...that was awesome. They are still singing the songs and asking a ton of questions about this one. It was great.

Bug went to Crocodile Dock at the same church he does the Mission program at on Mondays. He really liked this one, they did special activities with colors each day and collected items for the orphanage in Mexico. He even decided to participate in the singing program at the end of the week. I was so very proud of him!!! Red and I went to the library to work while Bug was up there, it was an interesting week.

This week Bug is going to Boomerang Express - he has really enjoyed it. He learned his memory verse right away and brought socks in for the mission they are doing. He said they are gonna beat the other class cause they brought more socks. LOL. Tonight is actually the last night. I think he was a little sad that it is over. Red and I have been going to the local library. I log in to a computer and work on school work and he watches movies on the laptop and plays army. You should see it - tons of Alamo men setting all over the laptop, table, is hilarious. He has headphones so he can hear his movie. It is great...crazy kid.

We just finished tball last week as well. That was fun and a little stressful. Some of the coaches and parents can just take it a little too far. I mean come on they are 5 and 6 years old. It is crazy. But Bug had a blast. He is doing very well with his hitting and catching. Red says he wants to play next year. Oh, that is gonna be busy!!! LOL

Bug also graduated from Kindergarten this summer. We finished up the year in late June. It is exciting to see him progressing and moving on. We had a graduation party and the grandparents, cousin and Uncle Phillip came up have dinner and watch a tball game. That was a blast. We took the month of July off so I could plan for next year and the boys could have a little break.

I am moving forward with my schooling. My projected graduation date in next March. I can see the light! :) Although I still have a lot to accomplish between now and then...

Well I suppose that is all for now... Until next you kids and your neighbors...

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