Saturday, May 09, 2009

Okay so it  has been waaaaayyyy crazy around our house lately...what is new right?

I am plowing forward with three new classes:  one is simply a test to follow up the last class I completed - I am scheduled to take it Friday May 29th; another is reading and language arts; and the other is instructional planning.  For the reading and language arts class I am working with a 2nd grade class at Wedgeworth Elementary - I have been going in and observing the class as well as presenting various lessons.  It has been a lot of fun but hectic.  The teacher in the room is spectacular and I just love working with her and her kiddos.  I am due to present two more times in the next two weeks and then I will be through until fall.  Well maybe....I am trying to set up with a third grade class so that I can complete one more presentation before school is out for this year. In the fall I will be back at it again...observing and presenting for other classes.  This summer will be filled with video observations, essays, lesson plans and various other stuff that must be done! UGH!

Yesterday BJ and I got a wild hair and decided to finally get the garden completed.  Oh my!  We had started various seeds and plants in pots on the back porch and knew it was either put them in the ground or give  So he and the boys dropped me off at Wedgeworth for a presentation and they went to Home Depot to rent a tiller.  We got back to the house and spent 6 hours working in the garden...tilling...weeding....filling beds...planting...  I began to wonder if it would ever end.  LOL...But it is done and it is beautiful.  We planted corn, Lima beans, onions, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, jalapenos and 56 tomato plants.  LOL...can you believe that.  The broccoli from last year actually seeded and began to grow on it's we have about a dozen broccoli out there as well.  We haven't put the bricks around them come.  LOL.  We are also planning to put a bed at the end with cantelope, squash and cucumbers.  BJ learned this way that you grow them up a fishing line...we are going to try it!  :)   We are looking forward to gardening.  LOL.

Here are some pics...  the tomatos are at the top, the box inthe very back of that pic has the carrots, potatoes and corn...below on the left is the pepper bed and on the right is the broccoli and the bed behind it has the onions and limas.

Although last night we were exhausted when we got in.  We all showered and cleaned up...ate...and fell out.  LOL.  I got a sunburn on my arms and neck.  Not too bad, but enough to know it is there.

The boys had fun...and we took some great pictures of them in the garden and in the backyard.  It was an awesome day for the sprinkler...I will email them out soon.  I may need a reminder.  LOL.

Anyway...Papa J and Uncle Phillip came to visit today - so we are enjoying time with them.  They boys all just loaded up to run to Maypearl for gas.  BJ is mowing the neighbors lawn and ran out of gas.  LOL.  First he broke a belt on the mower...had to get a new one when he returned the tiller...then ran out of gas.  LOL.  What a day!

Well, all for now...

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Dottie said...

Way to go!!! Hope everyone likes tomatoes, they are goooood for you.