Friday, May 29, 2009

My little Red, he is a nut let me tell you...takes after his is yard day for the men...I am avoiding the yard like the plague.  Inside mine...outside his...right?  :)

Anyway....Little Red hates loud noises like the weed eater and mower.  I mean he loathes them...

So he doesn't want to go outside...but Bubba is get the picture...

After t-ball yesterday I told the boys I would take the out to eat as a treat.  Being their treat I told them they could pick.  Taco Bell it is!!!!  LOL.  We get there an Bug spies the Volcano taco on the picture menu.  We have lovingly nick-named little red the volcano.  Because he is just that at times.  When he explodes he really explodes...and it usually builds and you can see it coming.  LOL.  So anyway back to Taco Bell.  Bug sees this Taco and decides we should get one for little red because, of course, he is Volcano...we then decided it would probably be a little to spicy for  Then they come up with the "red taco" name.  Little red is a "red taco" when he is mad and a "cool taco" when he is "cool" - as he terms it.  LOL.

What a nut!

He was a red taco a few moments ago which reminded me that I needed to record these precious boy moments.  

We are full swing in t-ball now - Bug is loving the game...hating the shoes.  LOL.  They are supposed to wear I buy him cleats.  But being Bug he hates shoes and doesn't like the way they feel on his feet - they aren't tight enough...they slip...they poke get the picture.  But once he got out there he had a ball.  He was hitting great and playing first baseman.  He did awesome.  The team is learning to stop the ball, throw to first, throw to the pitcher and then home.  

Little Red is currently in Charlie's old doghouse.  LOL.  Thank goodness Dad cleaned it out today.  :)

Bug is sword fighting in the backyard.  I wonder if they give fencing classes at five?  LOL.  Sign 'em up!

Well all for now...It's our crazy life!

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