Monday, May 25, 2009

Great Memorial Day around here. We had a "normal" day overall. We made a trip to town this morning with BJ to get a bat for ball practice and milk. Stopped for a treat of popcorn and coke at the Target snack bar, then got gas and headed home for lunch. We completed school late this afternoon, but got it done! Woo-Hoo! The kids did a foot soak in Epson salt water...Little Red had a thorn in his foot that we have been working on for three days! I have tried everything I could think of. I picked up a drawing salve at Target today and some pointy tweezers. When he fell asleep tonight - I picked again and wah-lah! I got it out! Yeah!!!!

Bug will be finishing Kindergarten in late June. I hope to have a graduation party in July. Milestones... :(

We have a kitty hanging around. I am super excited. I don't have a picture of her yet, but I will soon! :) She is black, white and orange calico. I think she is one of the many that our neighbors across the road have hanging out at their house. (They have a million or so cats.) But she has been hanging around because we feed the birds in our backyard and we have a lot! So I figured out she was hunting. Uh-Oh. NO HUNTING MY BIRDS CALLI!!!! :) So we picked up a bag of kitty cat food at Target. LOL. BJ keeps telling me not to get attached. But I just can't help it. She is so pretty and I just love kitty's! She has let me pet her a few times although she is very skiddish of fast movement and kids. LOL. BJ is afraid the coyotes will get her, but I am less convinced. She was born out here and knows the area and has made it thus far, so I hope she will keep her eyes peeled for coyotes! I would be sad if she disappeared. I can do the "cat talk" to her and she just rubs around and meows at me. My girl kitty Taffy Nicole used to do the same thing. :)

Mom and Dad have three kittens under their barn. Two solid white and one gray. I told mom the gray one is mine. I hope they will go out and mess with them so they won't be wild. I want gray kitty to grow a little so I can convince BJ to let me bring it home.

First Steps is coming to an end tomorrow. BJ has training so I had to take off work tomorrow to keep the kids. Thursday is our last day. I will miss the kiddos!

This summer will be crazy for sure! We are starting baseball this week which will be fun. I am signing Bug up for a kids mission project for the summer - I think he will like that! We also have VBS lined up, swim lessons and a family reunion in Arkansas. It will be crazy at best. LOL.

Well I better get back to homework... :) My life these days...

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