Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Short (actually, not so much) note to ask for a couple of favors and update you all on the kids' schedule of upcoming events.

Braden and Elizabeth's classes are collecting box tops and labels for education. Many cereals and paper products that we all use are eligible to be turned in for points towards computers and playground equipment, etc. Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Kleenex, Ziploc, Cottonelle and Nature Valley are just a few of the brands that participate in this program. You can check out for a full list of products ~ 10 labels earns $1 for our school. Please save your labels (if you aren't using them elsewhere) for the kids to turn in.

JCYSA Cheerleaders are in need of empty toilet paper rolls. Please try to save these for the next couple of weeks if possible. Paper towel rolls will work as well. We would also appreciate donations of any craft supplies you have had around the house for years and aren't using. Our school colors are maroon and white...if you see any great deals at garage sales or on the clearance aisle of your local wal-mart, please keep us in mind.

We had our cheerleading clinic today and it went really well. Caly was able to go with Elizabeth and she really enjoyed it...well, the first half of it, anyway. Liz worked really hard and learned three new cheers as well as the dance the girls will be doing during half-time at the football games. Both girls will be cheering at the high school football game this coming Friday night, as will all the kindergarten and first graders in the community that attended the clinic. I found out today that as head coach, I'm expected to run out on the field with my girls and do some sort of damn cheer jump and salute or something while I am introduced...those of you that know me well (everyone receiving this email) can wipe those grins off your faces now ~ you will NOT see me doing this...I tried to show Liz a jump in the dining room the other day and my fat butt landed so hard that I honestly saw white stars floating around my head from the impact. I twisted one ankle and both knees. I'll figure out a way around this stupid little small town tradition. Any ideas?

Our first games will be on the 9th in Blanco. The next three games after that will be in Johnson City. Try to plan on attending one of the JC games if you want to come see the kids...the games may be hours apart and it would be more convenient if we were close to the house. The board is selling Eagle t-shirts as a fund raiser. The shirts have all the kids names and team info (team name, football #) listed on the back for this season...I think they are $15 if anyone is interested (Dottie!). Braden and Lizzie's names will be on the same shirt.

Haylie has a volleyball game tomorrow at 4pm. Her games will all be early and during the week, so most of you won't get to see her play. Keep her in your thoughts and pray for her poor knees to hold up the length of the game. I'll record them so you can see her play when we get together.

Special prayer request for me...on Thursday I'll be working with 16 girls, several hot glue guns, a heavy duty stapler, and PAINT. Pray for me to have patience, calm children, and steady hands. Also, one of the assistant coaches is on a mission to have all of us coaches in shorty short shorts during the football games. I need some divine intervention here... I NEVER had cheerleader legs and I certainly don't have cheerleader legs now, three kids and 32 yrs of gravity working against me later. I suppose it isn't exactly christian to pray that this woman is struck by a large truck before Tuesday's vote, so I'll ask that you pray for wisdom in the votes of the other asst coaches or the discovery of some miracle anti-cellulite cream in the event I'm outvoted. And, of course, pray about that little matter of the field intro. Thank you in advance.

Guess that's about it for now. Don't forget the Grandparents Tea at school is on the 8th. Andrea starts school tomorrow so send encouraging brain waves her way in the morning. Hope you all have a good week.


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