Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I certainly hope everyone else is having a good week. Our week around the Johnson house has been a busy but good one thus far.

I am enjoying the new surroundings minus the many spiders I seem to find! I am death with the bug spray though! :)

The boys and I attended bible study at FABC last night. Kutter loved it because his class had splash time with the slide that you climb up and slide down. It was great! And they had a bounce house as well so he was in Heaven. Kaden not so much...although he does seem to be getting better. He attacked a little girl though and being the brute that he is was pulling her hair. He threw a fit when the teacher told him no...I don't have any idea where he has learned that! haha! She called me out of bible study (it was at the closing anyway) because she thought he was hungry. Well the baby was apparently he hadn't eaten just before we went in about an hour before. :) That boy!

But needless to say, we did enjoy it! All for now...prayers to John and Lynn...and all the rest of you. Stay focused, Stay positive and Go out and help another! we-

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