Saturday, January 05, 2013

I didn't bring chicken...

Thursday I arrived at Mrs. Wilson's door to deliver her noon meal.  As I entered the back door, the screen squeaking and Oreo high tailing it to hide under the car, I had a big smile on my face because I knew Mrs. Wilson was gonna eat that day.  Thursday's meal was bratwurst...a rare treat because it's not really all that good for you.  That's the words of Mr. Stroope and Mrs. Ford anyway.  I also had a couple of cherry pies I had brought from home.  One for Mrs. Wilson and one for her caregiver, Shirley.  And milk, Mrs. Wilson loved her milk.  

When I mounted the steps, I rapped a couple of times and then opened the screen door.  Smiling I said "I didn't bring chicken..." only to be greeted by the sad faces of Shirley and two other ladies.  Shirley looked at me and said, "Oh no, we forgot to call Meals on Wheels."  My immediate response was "What happened?"  

My beloved Mrs. Wilson had peacefully gone home with her Savior sometime during the night.  

Standing in shock, holding her meal, pies and her favorite milk I couldn't move.  

Shirley had come in that morning and found her gone, in her own bed, at the age of 94.

Well 94+ I should say...Mrs. Wilson will be celebrating her 95th birthday with Jesus next Friday.  Can you imagine...a little jealous I am.  I know He's gonna have angel food cake for her...she told me that was her favorite.

What a blessing this sweet, spunky, precious lady was to me and my boys.  

Every Thursday she greeted us with a smile on her face and a story or something to share that made us laugh.  

I grew to love her in the short time that we have delivered to her.  I have to admit she is one of my favorite Meals on Wheels clients.  

She always had a kind word, liked to chat about life, her family, my boys and the things she used to do.  A wise woman she was.

One thing that I loved was how she always had a book close at hand.  Being an avid reader myself, I certainly found her a  kindred heart.

And that woman disliked chicken...she would crack me up all the time.  When I brought a meal that included chicken, she's say - "Oh I'm not gonna eat that, I'll give it to Shirley."  Precious lady...never complaining, just being honest.  

She was a kindred spirit in her love of milk, too.  I always had a chuckle when she would tell me how that was the first thing she was gonna do, drink her milk.  She loved it.  Being a lover of milk myself, I had to agree...every time.

She told Red not to long ago that she was a red head back in her day...somehow I wasn't surprised.  She certainly had a lot of spunk.

I am gonna miss that little lady, the laughter, the smiles and the love she spread in the few minutes I spent with her each week.  

I don't know if those minutes can be called a lifetime, but I can certainly say that they have given me a lifetime of memories of a dear sweet lady that I will miss for a long, long time.  

Today as I attended her memorial service it struck me.  Mrs. Wilson reminds me of my granny.  That's what it is...that's why I grew so close to her in such a short time.  I now understand.

My Granny was a petite spunky little lady full of life and love for others.  I saw these same qualities in Mrs. Wilson.  Mrs. Wilson also had a small bookshelf in the hallway between two rooms.  On this small bookshelf sat a black purse.  Much like the purse I remember my own Granny carrying.  Every time I went to Mrs. Wilson's house and saw this purse on the bookshelf I thought of my own Granny.

It's funny how sometimes a very small thing can trigger a great memory.

So today is a sad day...sad because I don't get to deliver a meal to Mrs. Wilson next week and try to convince her to eat chicken and tease her about her love of milk.  Sad because I am selfish and want her here.  

But today is also a happy day...a day of blessings...

Mrs. Wilson is sitting at the feet of her savior, and I know there is a glass of milk and a good book nearby.  Mrs. Wilson no longer needs oxygen, medicine or a walker.  She is dancing for her Lord and enjoying the mansion God has built for her.

I thank God that he brought Mrs. Wilson to my route and that I had the opportunity to call her my friend.  I thank God that my boys had the opportunity to meet her and hear her stories.  I thank God that I had the opportunity to serve her.  I also thank God that He called her home in such a peaceful way.  I thank God that one day in the future I will get to see her again.  

I already know what I am gonna say..."I didn't bring chicken!"

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