Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our Kitties...

I have heard it said that Kitties are like blood pressure lower-ers...lol.  I do believe it!  

Our precious kitties certainly light up our lives and even though they beat on the door at 5:30 in the morning, we love them!

Here is a glimpse at our kitties from the past few months...

September - 5 months old
Grasshoppers...ugh...they love them and like to bring us "presents".  LOL  Of course then they eat their "gift" and leave us the back legs, yuck!

Luck is an aspiring chess player

Jungle Kitty 

A little Ball of Black Kitty

Whatcha got in there Mom?  

Can I have one of those?

Buds, Hanging Out

Minnie me...not so happy

Smoke biting his Bubba

Smoke and Luck curled up by Mama's Kitty

We aren't fighting, I promise...

Little ball of Minnie Me
Kitty Love 

He was literally on his back curled up in a ball

Not feeling so good.  :(

Hiding in the laundry basket...

Luck on the 'puter

What'd I do?

Looking for his studies

Hey what y'all doing in there?

Crazy Luck

Minnie's learning some chess moves

Luck in the box, Minnie checking out the moves

October 2012 - 6 months old
The Three Amigos

What?  I shouldn't sit here?

It's tough being this cute
Tired Babies
The Three Amigos

Luck lounging in the basket by the door

Look who's climbing on the fort

It's a Smoke!

Tight Rope Walker


What? I'm not doing anything.

I found the best spot to sleep - on my sister!

Basket of kitties
 November -7 months
Smoke picking on his brother!

Poking him through the side.

The Three Amigos

Bug found a stuffed toy black kitty...he thought it was cool to lay him by Lucky.

Luck was not impressed.

Minnie Me

Smoke - rotten boy

Kitty Lovin'


It's a Christmas Kitty

Luck's favorite sleeping position

Christmas Kitties

Christmas Babies

Momma Kitty came in to visit

Snuggle Buddies

Tired Minnie
 December - 8 months
I am not here (on Daddy's bed, which is against the law)

My Sweet Mo-Moke

The Three Amigos

The Boys

Oh how we love these babies...they make us smile and laugh.  

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